Ranking the uniforms in each division. Today is NFC East.

For fun, we decided to weigh in on where we rank the uniforms in each division. We’ll give a short synopsis and then tally who’s worst to first. First up is the NFCE. We went alphabetically by team and commentator, so don’t read anything into the listing.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Home Uniforms
Dallas Away Uniforms

Donte @FirstDownDonte –The Cowboys uniforms have nice colors of blue and white, but let’s not kid ourselves here…what are we really looking at when it comes to the Cowboys uniforms? THE DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADERS uniforms! Please people, they even have their own show. What’s iconic is their barely there shorts and perfect hair. If only my Mom allowed me to try out for cheerleading in sixth grade. Who knows what could have happened?! 🙂

Graham @GrahamTiedtke –the original America’s team, have entered the Dak Prescott era and moved on from Tony Romo. What they haven’t moved on from (and they shouldn’t) is the signature blue star on their helmets. Instead of the typical colour jerseys representing teams during home games, the Cowboys choose to wear their white jerseys with blue numbers on the front and back. The team wears their signature star on the sleeve of their dark (Away) jerseys but not their white (Home) jerseys. The Cowboys have used the star as their logo since the beginning in 1960.

Dallas 94/95 Doublestar Throwbacks Uniforms

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18– I like the Cowboys home look simply because it hasn’t changed going back 40 some odd years.  Whether it’s Roger Staubach, Tony Romo, or Dak Prescott, wore the same general look. I don’t know what to call the pants whether it’s a greenilverish or silblueverish or what, but they are a unique look. Their away uniforms have changed over their years, and while these aren’t horrible, I would say I still prefer the Tony Dorsett era Blue jerseys. Their Double Star variations/Thanksgiving Day Throwbacks are all decent.

Jason–@CaliOrange&Blue Truly one of the most iconic uniforms in history, the classic white home uniforms with big blue star on their helmets and silver pants. It speaks of so much history to me, you either hate them or love them, but you have to respect them and what they accomplished in the past. The blue alternate that they wear doesn’t do much for me, looking more like an all-star uniform than a Dallas Cowboys uniform. Away uniforms being the dark blue isn’t too bad either, not quite iconic, but a really good look for them.

Dallas Away Thanksgiving Throwback Uniforms

Jules–@ABroncoNole I actually like their Away uniforms better than their Home. The home has white and blue combined with the strange pukey silver color. The three just don’t go together. However, their away Navy jerseys with the white numbers and silver pants are among the best looking in the NFL. Those match.

Stuart @StuTheUkBronco–The Cowboys have a fantastic set of uniforms, from the iconic home jersey thats instantly recognisable to the away jersey with the white trim and numbers on a beautiful shade of blue. They also own the best looking uniform in the NFL – their 3rd kit or Alternative uniform. Taking a darker blue as the base before adding white shoulder pads and the Texas star is a thing of beauty.

Melody @ColoradoMelodyG–The only thing fitting about the Cowboy’s uniform is the iconic star on the helmet. Because honestly, the Cowboy’s fan base has an over inflated sense of their team and we all know in terms of scientific principles, stars are full of gas.

New York Giants

NY Giants Home Uniforms
NY Giants Away Uniforms


Donte–Red, white and blue and a WR with yellow hair. The Giants have my favorite uniforms, but I think I am biased. My first love is Peyton Manning and by default, I have mad love for his brother Eli… except for October 15, 2017. But other than that date, the Giants rule the NFC East with their patriotic colors and their star Wide receivers.

Graham– I ranked the Giants 4th because of the fact that their logo is simply the initials of the state they are from and which they don’t even play in any more. The simple Blue with White numbers and names on their home jerseys are neat. Their away jerseys are different, with the name and number of the players being red. The red stripes surrounding both arm sleeves are pleasing.

Kevin— I like them  because they are simple. I’m a fan of football uniforms and not costumes(I’ll revisit that comment in some of the divisions). Both their home/away and even their color rush that paid homage to the Lawrence Taylor era are simplistic in design and that is better IMO. I like the 70’s/80’s Broncos uniforms better than what they’ve worn the past 20 years for the same reasons.

NY Giants Color Rush Uniforms

Jason– None of their uniforms do anything for me. Home is better than away, the red look just doesn’t look right to me on that dingy off-white that they wear for their away jerseys. At least when they simplified the NY logo on the helmets it made the whole thing more iconic to me. So basically, I like their helmets, hate their unis.

Jules–eh. They’re oatmeal. Can’t hate them, can’t love them. Home is better than away. They could be so much more because their colors aren’t hideous. However, the Away Uniforms look like a poor high school’s – the ones where they’re so old and been washed so often, they never look clean, just looks like dirty laundry.

Melody-For as long as Phil Simms wore any Giants’ uniform and killed some of my childhood dreams I hate em.

Stuart–I hate these uniforms because they are so bland. Yeah they are called big blue, but add a touch of colour to the home jerseys at least. The away white jersey is the best Giant uniform simply because of the red trim on the white sleeves.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Home Uniforms
Philadelphia Eagles Away Uniforms

Donte–The Eagles uniforms remind me of St. Patty’s Day on repeat. When I think of the Eagles uniforms it takes me back to my favorite the movie Silver Linings Playbook and that’s a good thing. Now that they have Carson Wentz at QB he’s bringing the uniform to another level. Tall drink of water with a splash of sprite!

Philadelphia Eagles Black Uniforms

Graham–The midnight green jersey colour fits perfectly with their team logo. I ranked them 1st due to the fact that the combination is, in my opinion, better looking than the other 3 NFCE teams. However, for me, I like the away over the home uniforms because they are a little too much. The thing that stands out the most about the Eagles jersey is the number font. They look cool. The design of the Eagle logo gives off a ferocious look. It gives off a don’t mess with us, vibe. The one word I’d use to describe it is: angry.

Jason — These uniforms are cool! I loved when they switched up the color scheme, from that bright green to the more muted teal-ish green that they have now. And those black alternates they use look so damn cool! While their uniforms don’t really hearken back to days of yore, I really dig them.

Jules-right off the bat, I’m all in. As circumstances would have it, this division happens to have my favorite of all. Their home and alternative Blacks are perfection. Most teams who wear white pants, look like they’re wearing diapers underneath (like Denver). The shape of the Eagles’ modesty panel draws less attention to it.

Cunningham/White Eagles Era Uniforms

Even the Away Uniforms are cool with their teal pants and numbers. Their three colors, teal, black and white work well together in all combinations. They don’t get cute with the numbers, keeping them old school with a twist. Plus, the eagle head instead of stripes on the sleeves is cherry and whip cream on top. Big improvement from their old gangrene ones. From the helmets to the black socks and all inbetween. Sleek, fierce awesomeness. There’s nothing I would change. Too bad their fans aren’t the same.

Kevin – These aren’t bad, they aren’t great, but when I think of the Philadelphia Eagles, I think of the Randall Cunningham and Reggie White era, and those uniforms were superior in my opinion. Out of the “newer” styles that some teams have employed, the Eagles are among the better versions but I’d still roll out the Randall/Reggie with the black cleats before these.

Melody–Such an irrelevant team for so long I have no visceral reaction to their uniforms.  Meh.

Stuart–Despise these uniforms. I don’t like green and I don’t like black.

Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins Home Uniforms
Washington Redskins Away Uniforms
Washington Redskins 1994 Throwbacks


Donte–The Redskins uniforms remind me of chips and salsa… that is all.

Graham–The Redskins jersey has one of my favourite colours: red. I’m a fan of the red colour of the home jersey, but I also like the away jersey has the red numbers, somethinng the home jersey can’t because you wouldn’t be able to see them. Their away jersey is less exciting to me. The white jersey is boring with the yellow pants. The logo feathers on the back of the helmet really stand out. The red shine on the helmet is a great look for a team who has not been particularly successful lately.

Washington Redskins Current(R) Throwbacks

Jason–Are these professional football uniforms, or am I looking at some college throwback from the 20th century? They aren’t terrible, their away uniforms better than the home or alternate ones. The helmet logo is actually pretty cool in my opinion, although there is always controversy surrounding it. The Away uniforms at least look sharp.

Jules–as much as I think the Eagles are tops, the skins are about as ugly as you can get. Doesn’t matter if they’re home, away or alternative. Yuck. Their home uniforms are particularly atrocious. They need the fashion police. FSU shows how to mix a red pallet with a gold. They ought to copy them (but not the War Chant, we created it, it’s ours).

Washington Redskins 70th Anniversary Throwbacks

Kevin— When Mike Shanahan went to Washington among the worst things he did was break their tradition of wearing white at home. As a fan of football it was always fun to put on a Redskins/Cowboys game and know exactly where it was being played because the home team was wearing white.

Their “Away” uniforms above is a great uniform. everything matches. sleeves/socks, pants, etc.  Their “home” uniform above, is horrid because it takes the jersey from one era, and the pants from another. It would be like Vance Joseph saying the Broncos are going to wear the Orange jersey from John Elway’s rookie year with the pants that the currently wear. They don’t match they are horrible. The pants are from the 70’s era, and if the jersey matched it then there would be some improvement.  Mixing era’s sucks.   Throwbacks:  Their ’94 throwback and their current throwbacks with or without the brown helmet, or decals are classic.  Love the look. They like the Steelers have worn multiple throwbacks over the years, and some are better than others.  If Shanahan hadn’t broken the tradition and started using that bastardized uniform mix & match they would clearly be first. Their 70th anniversary look is among the best they have had.

Washington Redskins 75th Anniversary Throwbacks

Melody: Mustard and ketchup covered marshmallows.  Bleck.  The only positive thing I can say is the government is out of the NFL logo business, let the fans decide what they want.  More hate for childhood dream killing.  Vomit.

Stuart–I love the yellow pants and the bright white names and numbers on a burgundy solid of a shirt. The redskins have one of the better away jerseys in the league with a nice combo of burgundy name and numbers with the yellow trim on a white solid shirt. Burgundy pants are shocking however. The redskins get extra points because Champ Bailey once wore them.


Worst to first based on division. 1 vote per team

4 – Redskins (JD, DC), Giants (JW, GT), Eagles (SB,K)

3 – Giants (JD, SB),  Skins (JW, GT, K), Eagles (DC)

2 – Cowboys (JW, JD, GT, DC), Redskins (SB), Giants (K)

1 – Eagles (JD, JW, GT), Cowboys (SB, K), Giants (DC)

I refuse to rank them they are all the enemy (MG)

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