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To Run Cover 0 you need horses up front to get after the QB and DB’s that stick like glue.

Source: Cover 0 is the defense playing man coverage on every eligible receiver. • Denver Broncos Zone


Phrase of the Day: Halfback Pass! What is it?A Halfback Pass: It’s a trick play or a gadget play, where the offense starts out running a toss sweep. Learn more here.

Source: Phrase of the Day: Halfback Pass! What is it? • Denver Broncos Zone


Bowlen is expected to receive his strongest consideration yet as a Hall of Fame contributor. The strength of his case is two-pronged. One, his remarkable guardianship of the Broncos. Besides having the NFL’s best overall winning percentage since he purchased the team in 1984, Bowlen’s most outstanding accomplishment during his 33 seasons is the Broncos recorded more Super Bowl appearances (7) than losing seasons (5). This staggering statistic alone should qualify Bowlen for entrance into Canton’s hallowed halls.

Source: Pat Bowlen again expected to receive Hall of Fame consideration |


player photoThe Falcons pass rusher racked up the most sacks in the NFL a year ago, but Miller wasn’t far behind.  On Sunday, Miller warned Beasley that he’s coming for his crown.

Source: LOOK: Von Miller warns Vic Beasley that he’s coming for his sack crown –


Demaryius Thomas is the latest to rave about how he’s never felt better after alleviating hip pain, but the wideout capped his career at a point that isn’t too far away. Is he selling himself short?

Source: Demaryius Thomas: I’ve got a couple good years left –


Wide receiver Brandon Marshall signed with the Giants well ahead of the start of their offseason program, which gave him plenty of time to learn their offense before the team went on their pre-training camp break last month. Marshall’s experience should also help when it comes to getting things down before the start of the…

Source: Brandon Marshall using FaceTime to work on offense with Eli Manning | ProFootballTalk


The criticism of NFL player compensation, sparked by the latest wave of never-heard-of-him multimillionaires in the NBA, arguably has reached an unprecedented level. And former NFL defensive lineman Terrance Knighton provided a strong case for change via a stream of tweets from Saturday and Sunday. His message includes various comparisons of specific NFL players who…

Source: Terrance Knighton tees off on NBA, NFL salary discrepancy | ProFootballTalk

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