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These 90° turns are dependent on if they head towards or away from the sideline.

Source: Word of the Day: Gunners, what are they? What do they do? • Denver Broncos Zone


Here’s the player on each team that most needs a great performance this season

Source: The 32 NFL players with everything to prove in 2017 –


As NBA free agency continues, NFL players continue to gripe about how much more money NBA players make. Setting aside the inherent differences between the sports, the money paid to NFL players flows directly from the deal they’ve done at the bargaining table. So if NFL players want more money, they need to cut a…

Source: NFL players will get better deals only by missing game checks | ProFootballTalk


Cutler, who retired from football this offseason, may not have gotten the credit he deserved as a player

Source: Dan Hampton: The ’85 Bears would’ve won four Super Bowls if they had Jay Cutler –


The Raiders want more perks, this time from UNLV, as they prepare to move to Las Vegas. (AP)The city of Las Vegas and state of Nevada are already ponying up a lot of money for a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders eventual move to Vegas, but the Raiders want to get more.  Like thousands of parking spaces, for free. Oh, and a big part of the luxury suite revenues. Even for non-Raiders games.

Source: Raiders want UNLV to help with game-day parking issues – for free


Two Titans players who were accused of assaulting a man outside a Nashville bar are now suing the man who accused them, saying that he started their physical confrontation and that they acted only in self defense. Titans receiver Tajae Sharpe and guard Sebastian Tretola have countersued Dante Satterfield, the man who sued them in…

Source: Two Titans accused of assault sue their accuser | ProFootballTalk


Sweet investment: former NFL running back Arian Foster is backing a lemonade company. (AP)Former Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster, who retired part way through the 2016 season, has spent at least part of his post-NFL life looking for ways to invest.  And he’s put his money, along with several other NFL players, behind a young entrepreneur and her budding business.

Source: Arian Foster, current NFL players invest in lemonade company run by 12-year-old

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