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Terminology for football: Balanced Line vs. Unbalanced Line a brief explanation that defines both.

Source: Terminology for football: Balanced Line vs. Unbalanced Line • Denver Broncos Zone


When used correctly, they’re a dangerous weapon against rushing defenses.

Source: We break down Wide Receiver Bubble Screens. • Denver Broncos Zone


Buried in a profile of former Colts left tackle Tarik Glenn resides a stunning admission about the steps taken by his former team to deal with the disruption that comes from excessive sound. Already suspected (but never actually proven) to have piped in crowd noise, the Colts apparently had a system for dealing with noise…

Source: Tarik Glenn seems to suggest Colts used an illegal communication system | ProFootballTalk


DeAngelo Williams tried out wrestling, and it didn't go well. (AP)At Slammiversary XV, a pay-per-view event from Impact Wrestling on Sunday, Williams finished the match by climbing to the top rope and landing on his opponent, who was stretched out on a table. The problem was that Williams missed the mark and did most of the damage to himself as he face-planted into the mat. Thankfully he wasn’t injured, because this could have turned out much worse.

Source: DeAngelo Williams tries wrestling, does a header off the top rope


When Brett Favre retired after 20 NFL seasons, he owned the career record for completions, with 6,300, a total that looked out of reach for any active player. But the record is now within reach of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who could break the record this season. With 5,836 career completions, Brees is behind only…

Source: Drew Brees can break Brett Favre’s career completions record in 2017 | ProFootballTalk


Jameis Winston is one of the biggest winners this offseason. The Buccaneers added DeSean Jackson in free agency along with O.J. Howard in the draft, and the QB is pumped about his new toys.

Source: Jameis Winston on O.J. Howard: He’s just a specimen –

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