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With a new coaching staff in place and the talent to dominate, Denver’s defenders are focused on getting back to their Super Bowl form.

Source: Very good Denver Broncos defense seeks return to greatness, playoffs – Denver Broncos Blog- ESPN


Here are some tidbits from the Denver Broncos’ 2017 media guide that was released Wednesday.

Source: Facts, figures and little-known info from Broncos media guide |


“The guarantee” is one of the most exciting things in all of professional sports. It shows a bit of confidence and ego and behalf of the predictor while also placing fans on the edge of their seats. Some of the greatest guarantees of all time include Joe Namath’s promise to win Super Bowl III and Mark Messier’s guarantee that his New York Rangers would come from behind and defeat the New Jersey Devils in the 1994 Eastern Conference finals.

Source: Did Sammy Watkins just guarantee a Bills Super Bowl win?


The Ravens lead the league in one stat they’d prefer not to: Suspensions for failed drug tests. When Ravens tight end Darren Waller was suspended for the full 2017 season last week, it marked his second suspension and the 13th total suspension, coming from 10 different players, that the Ravens have received since 2010 for…

Source: Ravens lead the NFL in drug suspensions | ProFootballTalk


belichick-video-patriots-07-02-17.pngThe video of the Patriots coach posing might be better than the actual photos

Source: LOOK: You have to see the behind-the-scenes video of Bill Belichick’s photoshoot –


Over the years, teams coached by Jeff Fisher have had a reputation for being chippy to the point, at times, of dirty. And Fisher for the most part hasn’t been criticized for his role as the captain of a ship of fools. One specific scene from All or Nothing could change that perception. After a…

Source: After warning from referee, Fisher told defensive players to “crank it up even more” | ProFootballTalk


player photoDid the Patriots quarterback suffer a concussion in 2016?  Brady has had two months to think about how to answer this question, and he looks like he spent that time coming up with an answer that was as perfectly ambiguous as possible.

Source: Tom Brady breaks his media silence, finally addresses Gisele’s concussion claim –

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