In Case You Missed It, News around the NFL, July 1, 2017

Bubble screens, rubs, digs, X, Y and Z receivers. Learn it all & more.

Source: Routes 101. We explain and show basic Wide Receiver routes used in the NFL. • Denver Broncos Zone


terrell-davis.jpgBefore he was ‘TD,’ Davis was just a kid from San Diego that agent Neil Schwartz took a shot on

Source: 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Terrell Davis and his agent share a special bond –


player photoApparently, practice sometimes got crazy in Indianapolis

Source: Reggie Wayne describes how ‘nuts’ practice sometimes got with Peyton Manning –


Last week, upon signing his record-setting $25 million per year deal, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr proclaimed that he deliberately left money on the table for teammates who need new deals. “Is this good for Khalil [Mack]?” was one of the questions Carr specifically, and repeatedly, posed to G.M. Reggie McKenzie. If it is, it won’t…

Source: Claim that Raiders don’t have cap space for Khalil Mack is off the mark | ProFootballTalk


Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre told a Wisconsin radio station that he’s thought about returning to the NFL as a coach or general manager someday.

Source: Brett Favre, the NFL football coach? Never say never


Within the next 17 days, the Steelers and running back Le’Veon Bell will, or won’t, strike a long-term deal. However it works out, Bell apparently has no complaints. “I’m good with everything, just taking it day to day for real,” Bell said Friday, via Jeremy Fowler of It’s easy to have that attitude when…

Source: As deadline approaches, Le’Veon Bell is “good with everything” | ProFootballTalk


Following recent inquiries raised by players, the NFL Players Association has alerted its members to a potential financial scam operation.

Source: NFLPA Warns Players of 3 Potential Financial Service Scams | Bleacher Report

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