We give a Mile High Salute to birthday boy, Shannon Sharpe.

Happy Birthday to Denver’s most decorated player. His list of accolades is long and no one comes close beating them, not even John Elway. His 12.5 average yards after the catch are only second to fellow Denver TE, Riley Odoms.

His eight Pro-Bowls, four All-Pros and super bowl rings came along with a 10,000 yard career. The Denver Ring of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame was also a world renown trash talker who was able to back up his mouth.

Today, he’s getting paid for that bravado by going head to head against Skip Bayless.

“If Shannon Sharpe wasn’t my teammate, I’d hate him” –Terrell Davis


Shannon Sharpe hall of fame bust
photo, Julie Dixon. Shannon Sharpe HOF bust

#5 is way too low, but this clip gives you a taste of his bigger than life presence on and off the field. While TD is credited with making a difference in Denver winning two Super Bowls, they wouldn’t have happened if defenses didn’t have to use extra men to cover Sharpe.


Hopefully, someday soon we see another one like him.

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