In Case You Missed It, News around the NFL, June 24, 2017

Get to know the Denver Broncos safety and his journey to the NFL.

Source: For Justin Simmons, the NFL is an affirmation of his hard work and faith. • Denver Broncos Zone


At a time when many are wondering whether recently-retired quarterbacks Tony Romo and Jay Cutler would return to the NFL if a starter gets injured during the upcoming season, it turns out that last year’s high-profile retiree had an opportunity to return, sort of. Via Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Archie Manning said…

Source: Archie Manning: Adam Gase reached out to Peyton after Ryan Tannehill was injured | ProFootballTalk


The Denver Broncos continue to play in a stadium that may as well be known as Vandelay Industries Park. And there’s no indication that this odd dynamic will be ending any time soon. As noted by in Denver, the high-priced latex salesmen from WME-IMG have yet to find a suitable buyer for the rights…

Source: Broncos still haven’t re-sold stadium naming rights | ProFootballTalk


Peyton Manning golfing at Pebble Beach in February. (AP)As Peyton Manning’s great NFL career wound to a close, we all spent time wondering what was next for him. Coaching? Broadcasting? Politics?  It turns out, after decades of grinding on the football field, doing nothing suits Peyton Manning pretty well.

Source: Peyton Manning enjoying retirement, turned down joking (?) offer to play again


Kansas City Chiefs logoKansas City lost big-name stars, lost its GM and had a huge trade this offseason

Source: It’s time to rethink the Chiefs’ offseason after GM John Dorsey’s surprising dismissal –


The NFL’s highest-paid quarterback is rarely the NFL’s best quarterback. He’s simply the most recent really good quarterback to sign a new contract.  But the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback is often the quarterback facing the most scrutiny. And pressure.

Source: The Clock Is Now Ticking for Derek Carr, the Raiders’ New $125 Million Man | Bleacher Report


In a sworn affidavit, Floyd said the team encourages players to drink the tea for health reasons, and that it is “on tap” at the team’s training facility. (That may not be the best choice of words.) Floyd also hired a forensic pathologist to explain that, because Floyd purchased a case of kombucha tea without refrigerating it, additional fermentation occurred, elevating its alcohol content.

Source: Vikings support Michael Floyd’s kombucha tea defense

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