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HargersWhen Training Camp starts, a few players could be on these lists.

Source: PUP, NFL rules, IR and how they work all explained here. (This is worth a bookmark.) • Denver Broncos Zone


These numbers show there is no defensive ‘Super Bowl Window’.

Source: Projecting 2017 defense from years 2012-2016. The consistency is jaw dropping. • Denver Broncos Zone


Gronk says he has better ways to use $100,000.

Source: Rob Gronkowski responds to report that he racked up $100K bar tab at casino | FOX Sports


Research regarding the impact of brain injuries in football and elsewhere will continue decades into the future, and one of the best defensive linemen in league history will be helping the effort. Hall of Famer Warren Sapp announced in a video posted by that he’ll be donating his brain for research aimed at understanding…

Source: Warren Sapp announces intention to donate brain for research | ProFootballTalk


Colin Cowherd reacts to an NFL player poll that ranked Dak Prescott as the 14th best player in the league.

Source: Colin Cowherd explains why Dak Prescott is grossly overrated by fellow players | FOX Sports


Shawne Merriman spoke to the Chargers rookies Tuesday, telling them to be ready for the unexpected in the NFL. “I came in with hype and a persona,” Merriman said to the rookies, via the team website. “Things came out of left field that I didn’t expect, that I didn’t know how to deal with at…

Source: Shawne Merriman readies Chargers rookies for “things out of left field” | ProFootballTalk


Colin Kaepernick wears a T-shirt depicting the late Huey Newton, co-founder of the Black Panthers and a proponent of African-American militancy in the 1960s. (Getty)In a flurry of tweets and retweets Monday night, Colin Kaepernick used his sizable social media platform (1.1 million-plus followers) to comment and promote issues concerning police violence involving minorities and the prison-industrial complex, notably the use of inmate labor.

Source: Colin Kaepernick is making his choice: Activism over the NFL

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