DICK’S sporting goods jersey report is out. Check to see how Denver did.

After the conclusion of OTA’s and minicamps, fans buy jerseys in hopes of what’s to come. Despite the dismal outlook from the men behind desks, Bronco fans feel optimistic. Very optimistic. Don’t tell us we’re not contenders.

In total, Denver jerseys now are the 4th BEST in sales. That’s a rise of two spots. Looks like leaving the WCO behind, along with rising defensive stars and hope abounds for Bronco fans.

In addition, the best LB in the NFL, Von Miller, went from 11 to 6. Von was also the leading seller among ALL defensive players. 

The real story is Demaryius Thomas jumping ten spots from 26th to 16th among offensive players and from 30th to 18th in all sales. This shows fans believe he will be a target often. John Elway and Mike McCoy should ask for a kick back (that’s a joke).

Good news for Emmanuel Sanders. Fans must think he’s going to see the ball a lot, too because he jumped from 148 to 70. As far as the rest of the players, only top 130 were listed; however, with the whole team rising two spots, its safe to say most of the starters increased, too.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report.

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