Denver Bronco running back CJ Anderson does a social media Q&A.

Twitterville, USA. Two years ago, Denver Wide Receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, would have #AskE sessions on Twitter. Sunday morning, CJ Anderson took to social media in a similar way. He followed the Q&A on Twitter with one on Snap Chat.

He was asked questions that ran the gamut from how many chicken wings could he eat in 20 minutes, to his favorite pre-game meal (Wendy’s baked potato and 2 nuggets) to how far he’s biked. Oh, and he’s a coke, not a Pepsi person.

In SB50, when he ran in the TD, that’s when he knew they had it won. I’d say Broncos Country felt the same. That and watching Cam Newton have a tantrum on the sideline. When your QB melts down, it’s O va.

Want to know the biggest trash talker between Von and TJ? It’s TJ Ward.

Anderson gave a good answer when asked if he expected to see a more vertical game this season. He said it’s about getting first downs and TD’s. Based on our bottom ranking for three and outs and scores, he’s right. Focus on that, first.

The Broncos legend he’d most like to play with? Steve Atwater! Hello, HOF, now that you finally chose Terrell Davis, can Atwater get on the short list?! Please.

He thinks Charles will help everyone out. He also said that all three will run the rock and you can trust him on that. His knee is %100 and his main goal (besides a ship) is being great all 16 games.

He doesn’t think either QB will make it easier for him to be good because he said it’s on him to be great. Which also backs up what he said during a press conference: the OL was fine last year. It’s on the RB, not OL, not QB. As far as power vs zone scheme, he didn’t have a preference.

Now that TC is coming up, he doesn’t care about video games, he’s also going to hibernate when it comes to social media. Hence the Q&A.

If you are a WWF fan, Shawn Michael was his favorite.

Vance Joseph is an old school coach and he thinks that’s really good.

As far his getting into shape/rehab this off season compared to others:

Wow! He’s biked this many miles.

This answer was surprising and good for Denver fans. Booker, not Charles is who motivates him. (As far as him being great, staying healthy is his biggest hurdle).

Here is another answer that is hmmm, because in one tweet he was asked who is going to start and he said he didn’t know. A later tweet basically says why. He was asked about how Carson Wentz would be this season and gave the below answer. Sounds like Paxton has gotten better because he’s having a real off season. It also puts to rest those that believed Lynch was given a chance last year. It’s clear he wasn’t.

The players he looked up to growing up were,

He said growing up, he just wanted to be an all around back.

His favorites in the league right now are Le’Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson, David Johnson, Shady McCoy.

When he was asked his favorite memory of Peyton Manning.

His favorite moment at Cal was beating UCLA at home.

He said all 31 teams are hard to run against and doesn’t have one Defensive Lineman better than another.

When asked if there is a divide between the offense and defense:

¬†That’s good to hear.

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