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He covered his taste in food, music, RB’s, QB’s, Bronco legends and more. We summed it up.

Source: Denver Bronco running back CJ Anderson does a social media Q&A. • Denver Broncos Zone


It’s also a time for reflection, and the history of the Green Bay Packers includes one of the greatest tributes to a father sports has ever produced. Roughly 24 hours after learning of his father’s passing, Packers quarterback Brett Favre threw on a gold helmet – like he always did – and delivered

Source: Remembering the greatest tribute to a father in NFL history


They got to know each other pretty damn quickly. Receiver Eric Decker, whose recently visit to the Titans was downplayed by the team as routine and similar to pre-draft due diligence, has a deal in place. Per multiple reports, the Titans have inked Decker to a one-year contract. Cut recently by the Jets (who originally were…

Source: Titans add Eric Decker | ProFootballTalk


When the NFL discussed changes to its overtime format, former head of officiating Dean Blandino’s argument was simple: Just get rid of it. Blandino, who recently left the league to work for FOX, was asked by Colin Cowherd whether anybody ever argued for getting rid of overtime. Blandino answered, “Yours truly.” As the NFL became…

Source: Blandino argued for eliminating overtime | ProFootballTalk


The Jacksonville Jaguars weren’t particularly quite about their intentions to try and make their defense elite. Said unit was undoubtedly their strength a year ago. However, they went aggressively into free agency for another year and improved it further.

Source: Jacksonville Jaguars: Could injuries derail defense early? | FOX Sports


Brady has left the United States for a six-day tour of Asia — and he brought his football

Source: LOOK: Tom Brady is throwing passes on the Great Wall of China for Father’s Day –


It doesn’t look like T.J. Watt is going to be getting any more free rides at dinner

Source: LOOK: J.J. Watt expects his brother, T.J., to start picking up the dinner tab –

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