Stop the presses, start the cheering, Brandon McManus signs his tender!

Accoring to Adam Schefter, McManus has signed his RFA tender. At a second round level he could make $2.746 million. A bigger contract could still be on the table.

At the first OTA’s he had this to say about staying in Denver:

“I would love to be here as long as I can and be on a long-term deal here that gives me some security. I love Denver and I love the fan base here. I would love to be here for four years so why not see what I can do?”

With that out of the way, it is time to say that the Denver Broncos would not have won Super Bowl 50 without him. He hit all ten of his post season field goal attempts, which included five vs. the Steelers, a pair vs. the Patriots in the AFCCG and he hit three in Super Bowl 50 against the Panthers. During his first three years in the NFL he has earned salaries totaling $1,530,000. His 2nd round tender would be a 179% increase in 2017 for what he’s made over his entire career.

The $2,746,000 tender would rank him eleventh in 2017 for kicker’s when comparing salary cap hits. The chart below shows how he compares to those top 10 kickers based on 2017 cap hits (the results are a bit surprising).

The charts below show his various stats from 2014-2016:

Field Goal Splits:

From within 39-yards he’s essentially as good as anyone, better than a number of the others on the top 10 paid list. From beyond 40, his production drops off. It’s below the NFL average from 2014-2016. That is one of the parts that was extremely surprising. Playing at 5,280 feet adds length to the kickers range, but these numbers do not support it, yet he was 5/5 from 40 plus in the 2015 Super Bowl run. At home, he has hit 80.9% of his total field goals (38/47), while connecting at a 85.7% clip on the road (30/35). Some things are simply hard to explain. 57% of his field goal attempts have come with that magic number of 39 yards or less, while he makes those at a 4% rate higher than the NFL average the 9% drop from the NFL average of kicks over 40 yards might find him replaced in the next few years unless he improves on those numbers.

When it comes to kickoffs, he has had a 68% touchback rate with the NFL average over the same time period being 55%, with roughly half the games at Mile High, those numbers can be slightly inflated and expected.

The 2nd tender is very fair, but likely he is looking for a 3-4-year deal. Everyone likes security. McManus will be 26 years old when the season starts and for a kicker he’s barely breaking the surface. When future Hall-of-fame kicker Adam Vinatieri was 26 years old, the Denver Broncos were winning the second of two Super Bowl Championships in 1998. Obviously, Vinatieri isn’t the norm, but McManus is still very young in terms of kickers.



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