Mike McCoy is focused on his players in three areas: learning, fit and comfort.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Offensive Coordinator, Mike McCoy, continued the theme of Spring football being a time for learning and finding the best fits.

“I think like everybody in our system, we’re throwing so much at them. All the rookies right now, not just one or two of them, are learning. We’re throwing a lot at them and the key thing we told every player on this team is to put ourselves in a position in training camp to compete for a job. That’s what they’re all doing. That’s why we’re moving guys around so much.”

Take above and rinse and repeat. That is about the gist of every answer on any subject he answered. Here’s his replying young players, “They’ve heard the install a couple times now, and at some point in time we’re going to figure out what we’re best at as an offense. We’re going to take advantage of our players’ talent and put them in a position to succeed.”

On the quarterbacks and learning, “All of the quarterbacks have done a nice job of picking up the system and directing the traffic. There’s a lot they do at the line of scrimmage and there are certain things we’re going to ask them to do in terms of getting us in and out of plays. I think they’re headed in the right direction—all of them, not just the two that you’re thinking about right now. Kyle has done a nice job moving the offense in there and running the system. We’re going to let them compete and some point in time we’re going to figure it out as a staff who the guy is.”

“We’re evaluating not just the quarterbacks but the entire football team. We have to figure out the best combinations and who does what best. Like I said, at some point in time we’ll start to cut back. When we announce that starter, we’ll do what he does best.”

On QB Paxton Lynch’s mental toughness, “That’s one thing we talked about early on in the offseason program. We’re going to make mistakes, not just at the quarterback position, but everybody. There’s going to be a play where you get beat, and you’ve got to respond to it. You saw that yesterday in practice. We threw an interception and then we threw a big play that probably was a touchdown. That’s what you want all the players to do. You want them to respond and fight through the adversity. There’s going to be some adversity during the year. It’s not always going to go your way but you’ve just got to keep plugging away.”

He closed with a funny anecdote about his time playing with Terrell Davis. To hear it, watch below.


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