Joe Woods: “It’s offense, defense and Wefense… you always want to win.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. The No Fly Zone must get their mojo from Defensive Coordinator, Joe Woods. Not only does he give off juice, but he also acts as if he has a secret he cant wait to share…when the time is right. He says when Aqib is arguing about a call , “I’m probably right behind him. I’m cool with it. That’s him and his competitive nature. He never wants to give up a play and I love it.”

When he speaks of the DB’s, quarterbacks across the country groan, especially when he says ,“The whole thing with that group is that it’s a bunch of competitive guys that have chips on their shoulders. Even from my first year here coaching those guys, I never had to worry about motivation. Those guys obviously push the envelope when they’re out there. They want to make sure they’re making the offense better and the offensive guys do a good job of making them better.” The best having chips on their shoulder, scary thought.

The Baby No Fly is “a critical part of our defense. Last year between Justin and Will, they played some substantial time for us. Everybody knows from the first year to the second year that you expect a big jump. I think those guys did a great job last year in the role we had them play, but we expect them to step in and be able to do even more for us.” Based on this Spring, the jump has already been made.

He thinks the defense is in a reset mode. What does that make the offense? A giant construction project.“My message to the whole group this year was that we have to reset. I feel like after the first year we won the Super Bowl we were flying high. Guys came back and they worked hard, but it wasn’t the same thing. We came back for 2016 and didn’t have the season we wanted. 2015 it was great and we won the Super Bowl. 2016 it was down. Those two years have nothing to do with what we are trying to do in 2017. “We have a reset mentality and we’re worried about what we’re doing this year to get better.”

The DL is channeling their Six Million Dollar, “All those guys definitely went home and got in the weight room. They got bigger, they got stronger and they got faster.Image result for six million dollar man On all three levels of our defense, so far, we’ve improved. We’re not in pads right now, so once we come back in pads we’ll get a chance to really see where we’re at. So far, those guys have been doing an excellent job.” So, hmm, rebuild, bigger, faster, stronger, waiting for FedEx to deliver some bionics next.

For those who haven’t gotten the message, yet, Adam Gotsis is also on Superhero status. Although, I forget, are Superheros ones like Batman or ones like Superman? Either way, Joe knows, “They say it takes you a year to get back to yourself coming off of an ACL injury. Last year when he came in, he was coming off that ACL and I don’t feel like he had the opportunity to train physically in the offseason and get prepared for his rookie season. When you look at him now, he looks like a new person. I watch him through drills. He has great athleticism for his size and he’s built like a superhero. He’s doing great things for us right now.”

Offenses always take longer to install than defense. When you add in new coaches and scheme, you’re talking serious lag time, so to hear that the offense is having some good moments against the best defense on the planet, it’s cause for a little celebration. “I’m a competitive person and right now, our offense and defense are competing at a high level. Sometimes they make some plays on us, sometimes we make some plays on them. There’s been a lot of good going back and forth. At the end of the day, we want collective results. We play together and we win together. It’s offense, defense and ‘we-fense.’ You have some good days and you have some bad days, but you always want to win.”

Watch is presser here.

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