Brock Olivo: “The thing that I love about Isaiah is that he’s got all the confidence in the world in himself.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. If Brock Olivo makes me want to play Special Teams, can’t image how those who do feel. Not to mention those who maybe didn’t want to be on ST, but are now motivated to be there.

No offense to Joe DiCamillis, but this guy puts the S in intenssssse. Every time he speaks, you just feel ST is going to be a large help for the offense. Speaking of the offense and a player who could see double duty, Isaiah McKenzie earned high praise from Olivo, “He’s a natural catcher. When he got to us, he was a good catcher. As you guys know, it’s a little bit different here in the NFL. He’s going to have gunners in his face at times, PPs (punt protectors) in his face at times, so we have to get him comfortable back there and get him to trust the system. He has to trust that it’s going to be there. The thing that I love about Isaiah is that he’s got all the confidence in the world in himself. I think he’s going to be just fine.”

This is funny, he wants his guys to be aggressive, but make good decisions. Aggressive is running a ball out from the EZ, smart is letting it bounce out and start at the 25. So, maybe he means aggressive if the ball isn’t in the EZ? I still cringe at how many plays last season where taking a knee didn’t happened and the result hurt us. “We definitely want them to be aggressive, there’s no question. There’s always that fine line though. You’ve got to be smart as well. We’re going to err on the side of being aggressive, especially when you have a young guy like that. We have a couple of dynamic guys now in install. We definitely want to keep the pressure on the punt team, there’s no question. Making good decisions back there is the number one most important thing as a returner.”

If geek and jock had a child, his name would be Olivo, you’ve just got to love when he talks about energy and ST, “That’s part of being a special teamer. That’s that niche part of it that makes it special. The guys know that we have a small, small window to work in. We’re high energy in the meeting room and we’re high energy on the field. The guys feed off that and they feed of each other. My assistant Chris Gould does a great job of doing that, too. We all kind of rally the troops and roll. We have a really good young class because we ask those guys to fill in on look teams all the time. They’re roaring down the field and giving us a great look. We’re really fortunate to have the guys here now that we have, and that lends to that. Vance, too, he’s out there with us step for step so that helps.”

Watch the presser here.


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