Vance Joseph wants to “have a great foundation going in to camp. Offensively, what I witnessed today was that happening.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Have said before, will say again, Vance Joseph is a master at talking in circles and leaving you with more questions than answers. It’s an admirable trait because not many are good at it. He is.

As usual, he was asked about the QB situation. I, for one, am ready to give the whole thing to Kyle Sloter if he’d just pick one and move on. While having a QB competition in OTA’s isn’t bad a thing with so many hands to throw to, it needs to end in Training Camp. As in, week one of TC.

When Peyton Manning speaks, coaches should listen and he stressed every year, for eighteen years, that reps with the ones was vital. Not just for the QB, but the entire offense. They play as a unit. It’s built like a watch: precision and timing are everything. You don’t get that from rotating QBs during TC.

With two so different QBs’ not just in size and personalities, but playing style and throwing mechanics,  it’s not helping anyone to turn into a Rolex. For the Center, there’s a big difference between 5″ when hiking the ball. For the OL, having a scrambler vs a more stationary guy changes what they key on. Same goes for one climbing the pocket and the other hanging further back.

Then you have timing and ball velocity differences between the guys who catch and the QB. You’re not building a fine time piece if two different Watch builders are messing with the pieces.

So, back to VJ and QB… “I don’t have a timetable on it. It could be the first week of camp or it could be the end of preseason. I’m not sure. When I see a clear separation, I’ll call it off.” Then he says, “It’s going to be won in the games in the preseason. That’s where evaluation starts in my opinion.” WHAT?

So, even if he sees a clear separation, he won’t stop the split reps? Or one will get the ones, but he’ll need to show in preseason games he can do it? But, if one QB is starting the preseason games, then he has the ones. Leaving the other with twos and facing backup defenses. So, how do you compare?

To actually do what he says, would require both Lynch and Siemian to split reps all through TC and each take a game as the starter. That’s Kubiak crazy. These guys haven’t had a year digesting and practicing it like Trevor did last year giving him a leg up over both Mark Sanchez and Lynch. They’re both starting from scratch, plus basically a new OL and I assume a slot.

VJ himself said the offense is complicated and involved, so you’re going to keep splitting reps instead of having one hone it down? Maybe Trevor may have done better if he had more reps with the ones. His first two games were really rough. 1-3 TD-INT. By the time he started look like there may be something going on, he was hurt and that was all she wrote. Splitting those reps helped no one and certainly didn’t help the team.

I’m hoping VJ is just talking in circles to lead the press off the scent because it’s ludicrous to do what Kubes did, again. Neither Lynch nor Siemian can afford two months of minimal reps. He did say back at the HC conference that Elway and McCoy would be in on the decision, so hopefully they overrule him. Tough to imagine 7 wanting that. Or McCoy. They can yammer all they want, but a full install that goes into week one, can’t be tailored to such diametrically opposing styles.

If you read or saw Lynch’s presser then you know he mentioned bouncing back from bad plays. Here’s VJ on the same issue:“That’s very, very important. A couple weeks ago, that was our emphasis with the quarterbacks. After a bad play, how do we correct that play and make it into a positive play the next play? That’s critical playing that position. You’re going to make some bad plays, but how do you bounce back from those plays?”

Done with QB, moving on other important matter where VJ didn’t talk in circles. Garett Bolles and Ty Sambraillo were sharing LT duties. Sounds like Bolles has all the talent, he just needs time to get comfortable with the playbook and speed of the game, but where does that leave Don Stephenson?

He moved Max Garcia back to LG and Ron Leary over to RG which makes sense. More and more edge rushers are attacking the right side and Menelik Watson was not good in pass protection, so having Leary next to him should help. Second year RG Max Garcia next to Bolles or Ty doesn’t give one the warm fuzzies though. If Trevor were to start, he better get better at climbing the pocket real fast or he might not even last four weeks before he is injured, again. If the left side is an issue for the pass, maybe they get clever and line up a TE on that side or a bigger WR like Cody Latimer. With Jamaal Charles or CJ Anderson in the backfield, they are good at picking up the blitz on the right.

On what he hopes to know about this football team at the end of minicamp

“It’s tough because everyone’s learning right now. In my opinion, what’s important for us is to have a great foundation going in to camp. Offensively, what I witnessed today was that happening. Plays were being made. Guys know where to go and how to do their job. Defensively, we need to keep building on our new changeups. That group is engaged and they’re competitive. That’s my goal, to leave here with the foundation to compete in the summer.”

Raise your hand if Isaiah McKenzie has you excited. (ME!) “He is explosive. He is fast and he plays fast all the time. He can do a lot of things for us in terms of punt returning, playing some halfback and being the slot guy. He’s a smart guy and he’s very competitive. He’s a guy that should help us in the fall.” Channeling my inner Flounder, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. (Animal House)

VJ did make a clear statement on not wanting Eric decker because they have a bunch of WR’s and can’t add anyone right now. On free agent TE Gary Barnidge, he left the door open or more circle talk. “It’s early, there could be later on, but right now not really.”

Finally, an update on injuries. AJ Derby has a slight hamstring issue, so they’re resting him until TC. Kyle Peko has a foot injury and is being evaluated. Jake Butt will most likely be on PUP in TC.

Watch the full presser here.

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