Trevor Siemian: “if you do your job everything else will kind of fall into place.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. When OTA’s began, Trevor came in sounding pretty confident and upbeat. He spoke often as if he was the starter and the team was his. His statements were bold, for him. His demeanor is the same, but what he says has changed. When you compare what Lynch said today and how Trevor did, there is a big difference. The roles have swapped. The language has swapped. There is now less confidence and assertiveness in his answers. “I’m going to try to be the best teammate and best quarterback I can be, and whatever happens, happens.”

Trevor, Joseph said he wants the QB’s to step up and take leadership, even if it’s awkward. Next time you’re asked about what it will take to win the competition, say: I will be the best quarterback I can be. The rest is up to Coach Joseph. However, I feel pretty confident in where I’m at. Don’t say what happens, happens. That’s the words of someone who’s accepted defeat. Giving everyone a pretty big clue of where this QB competition is heading.

When asked if the competition has started, “For all of us, we’re all learning now. We’re not a finished product as an offense, and probably as a defense, too. It’s a good time for us to learn. I think we’re getting a bunch of team reps which is a good thing for us. There’s a lot of learning. A lot of young guys are learning, which is good. I’m looking forward to camp.”

When asked about being a leader and the style, he could have given a powerful answer, instead he said this: “It’s a little different than when Peyton was here. For me, it’s the second year in a row doing it, so you just have to be yourself as a leader. As a quarterback, that’s the role. I think we’re all doing a good job of that. The older guys, DT, Emmanuel, Ron and Menelik are doing a good job, too.”

Given another chance to be assertive in where he was in OTA’s, “Pretty good. I wanted to get healthy first and test out the shoulder, which is good. I haven’t had any problems with that so I’m pretty pumped. Then learning the new scheme, and like I said, getting live reps against our defense is a blessing for us. We’re playing against the best defense in the league every day. We’re learning, and playing against those guys is going to get us ready for the fall for sure.” So, you’re healthy and feel good, but no I statement on how you’re playing.

He’s again asked a question about how HE is learning the offense and he sidesteps making a bold answer: “I’m getting there. We’re all getting there. This is more team reps than I’ve gotten in the last two years, and I think that goes for everybody. That repetition is good for us, and we’re getting a lot thrown at us. We’ve had every install thrown in three times and that’s good for everybody. We’re getting there, but we’re not there yet.I think it’s just the little nuances. Obviously the terminology is something you’ve got to get a hold of pretty quickly. Especially in this scheme, you move a lot of guys around. There’s a lot of feel and reading body language, so getting a comfort level with each guy takes a little bit. We’re getting there. There are times that it shows, and there are times that you think you’re glad that we’ve got a couple months to go.”

It was good to see him make a joke about how he and Lynch are handling this: “I’m putting gum in his shoes and his locker, trying to make sure he’s late to practice. No, we’re good. We’re helping each other out. We’re both young so we’re both learning and we’re going at the same rate it seems. It’s good for both us. We’re pushing each other, and I think we’re making the offense as a whole, and the team better.” This was a good answer and if he handled the whole presser like this, it would have been better for him.

The best answer he gave was this about competition:  “Competition is good for everybody. We don’t just have it at quarterback, we have it all over the field. That’s where we want to be. We want to be back and forth. In regards to me and Paxton, we’re pushing each other. I’m learning from him when he’s got his reps and I’m sure he’s doing the same when I’m out there. It’s a good deal for us.”

Sounds like a Peyton camp is in the works. This is where one of these two guys needs to step up and say, do it in Orlando. D1 is there, both QB’s live there and make the WR’s come to them on their turf. Don’t let E lead and go to Texas. One of you is going to start, it appears to be Lynch, but demand it’s done where you want to go. To me, this is where the line needs to be drawn. Why either Orlando area QB would go to Texas is beyond me. Let them sleep in a hotel and rent a car. Bring their girlfriends/ wives, children, whatever and let them go to Disney and shopping. Going to Texas at some place you’ve not been before and E is the band leader? NO.

On RB C.J. Anderson being healthy “It’s been awesome. He’s got some experience and exposure in this system so it’s good getting him out there. When  Jamaal comes back in camp, I think that’ll be a really special group. Book has been doing a heck of a job, and the young guys have been playing well, too. That’s a great room we’ve got there, we’re lucky.”

On how difficult it is to have rotating position groups

“It’s tough. At the same time, your job is to execute. That’s how it goes. In my experience, coming in I didn’t know who I was throwing to my rookie year. That really helped me focus on executing. You’re getting everyone lined up, and if you do your job everything else will kind of fall into place.”

He and Lynch both like going against our top defense: “I think we’re lucky to go against those guys every day. Even though we don’t have pads, you feel those guys breathing down your neck almost every rep. It’s good work for our offensive line, and for us getting a feel for moving around when we have to. We’re buying time and working snap counts, which you have to do against this group or else they’ll eat you alive. It’s great practice for us and everybody else.”

See the full presser here.

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  • June 14, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    It’s gone feel good seeing Trevor lead this team wearing his captain’s patch jersey!

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