Paxton Lynch: “have a little bit more swag about yourself and kind of get that going in the whole offense.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. If you’ve ever seen any Paxton Lynch media turns before he set foot in Denver, you’d know he’s a funny and quick thinking happy guy. This is now finally being shown in press conferences.

It also means he has confidence, no longer acting like the back-up who keeps his head down and holds the clipboard. He’s acting like a guy who knows this is his team to lose.

What’s missing from the below video is Lynch giving a hint as to why he’s acting like the one: “where I’m at right now with what we’ve put in, I’m very confident in. I feel like the more reps I’m getting, the more I get to go with DT and ‘E’ in that first group. I think the more confident I get, the more comfortable I get.”

That’s great to hear. It means the coaches are seeing growth and as a result, he’s getting more time with the ones. This is what should be occurring. The more he plays, the more he improves. “You know, have a little bit more swag about yourself and kind of get that going in the whole offense. You rub off on people. Everybody else starts playing good if you’re playing good. That’s kind of how I’ve been looking at it.”

A key to feeling confident though, is being comfortable and that is something I believe McCoy is a master at. Finding his players’ strengths and going from there. “I obviously believe in myself and my abilities and what I can do, so I just really wanted to come out here for OTAs and now these next two days of camp and just fine-tune everything and feel good going into the break.”

When asked a couple times about different frustrations, he answered, “it’s just football”. Great answer.

Vance Joesph stressed in his presser that you want to see players bounce back from mistakes. They will make them and it’s key to react well. During practice, Lynch threw a pick six and the next play he threw a touchdown. “No one is perfect. Bounce back from your mistakes and you’ve got a chance to make a big play. Coach McCoy turned to me and just said, “Next play, next play,’ gave me a shot and then I took advantage of it.” More indication of McCoy having belief in Lynch, which in turns feeds belief in himself.

He was asked if he’s been trash talking back to Aqib Talib who loves to jaw, “I’m getting there, but I’m just going to hold off for now until I get him on a couple big plays where I build my résumé up a little bit.”

He mentioned that while you want to be smart with the football, if he sees a shot deep, he’s wanting to go there. Bless his gunslinger, heart!  Brett Favre still leads the league in most interceptions, but he also won a lot of games. That’s the nature of the beast. He did indicate he will try to checkdown more when the shot isn’t there to keep them on track.

If you’re DT and E and you’ve got a QB with an arm, you’re leaping for joy because not only does that mean more yards and potentially TD’s, it also means less injuries because you’re in one on one coverage, not getting slammed at the five yard line.

The coaches have stressed quick decision making and he thinks his athletism will help when there’s not a throw right off the bat. It gives more time to find the right play. As a first year starter, it could save him when he holds the ball too long, a common occurance for every new QB. Having legs to buy time, will help.

Lynch knows he’s competing against himself, not Trevor, but it does give him fuel to try and make a big play if Siemian has made one. “As a human, when you’re competing against somebody, if you do something wrong, you’re kind of like, ‘Ah, he’s got me now, so I’ve got to make a big play.’


“I’ve just kind of learned that it’s just about yourself and making yourself better so you can make the guys around you better. When you better yourself, that’s how you play faster. You help the guys around you and then as a unit, we play better.

“I’ve been told in the past that I was a taller guy, so everything I do, you can kind of see it a little easier than guys who aren’t 6-7 and standing over everybody. It’s just whenever something bad happens, just like early in practice, you make a bad throw, you throw a pick, you can’t drop your head. You’ve got to keep moving forward. You’ve got to keep these guys going, and then whenever things are kind of slow, you’ve got to kind of talk up a little bit, be more of a vocal leader in that perspective.”

See the full presser here.

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