Show him the QUAN! It’s time Elway channels his inner Jerry McGuire for the most valuable player on the team.

Without Brandon McManus and Jason Elam, Denver would have zero rings. Kickers may be treated like the red headed step children of the NFL, but they’re the heroes who don’t get enough love.

In 2015, without McManus’s points, the Broncos would have won three games. Green Bay, San Diego and Baltimore. Sure the defense was integral, but those McMoney points were crucial in 16 of 19 games. That’s how razor thin the line was.

2016, saw the same. Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Texans. Plus that roll over game by Oakland. Four wins not needing the golden foot of Brandon. While the defenses were often why the wins occurred, it was the points from a leg, that was needed to put the ‘W’ in the column.

GM John Elway may believe that with a young and healthy quarterback, a vibrant game plan and some new additions to the offense, McMoney won’t be as integral to pay him what he wants.

He may be correct; however, the bare foot of Karlis, is why ‘The Drive’ resulted in a Win.

Denver Broncos Rich Karlis FG
a Rick Karlis FG beats Cleveland in AFC Championship game.

Against GB in the 1998 SB, without Jason Elam (Denver’s highest scorer at 1,786), the ‘Helicopter’ may have ended up being just another play. Without those points, the game would have went to OT. Nor would have Denver even made it to the Big Show without his points in the AFCCG win against Pittsburgh.

Here are the choices for McManus:

• He signs the one-year tender and plays 2017 at $2,746,000.
• He signs a multi-year deal based on agreeable length and terms.
• The Broncos rescind the tender making McManus a free agent (not very likely).
• The other 31 teams can sign McManus to an offer sheet. The Broncos either match it and he remains a Bronco (similar to C.J. Anderson last year), or they pass on matching it, he plays for team x, and the Broncos receive team x’s 2018 2nd round draft pick.
• Two teams could negotiate an agreement sending alternative compensation that the two teams agree on. (also, not very likely)

It’s time for Elway to be Brandon’s, ‘Ambassador of Quan’, and show him love, respect, community and the dollars, too. The package. The quan.

To read about his stats, how he stacks up to other kickers and more, click on below. Here’s hopefully for a quick resolution before Training Camp begins.

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