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The past two years of play calling by committee, resulted in a slow, plodding offense.

Source: Having offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on the field will speed up the game. • Denver Broncos Zone


Proper eye care and eyewear is fundamental for success in school and in life.

Source: Von’s Vision receives over $40,000 in donations for child eye care. • Denver Broncos Zone


Pass rushers don’t come cheaply, and yet the Los Angeles Chargers  managed to sign their franchise player without surpassing some of the mega-deals seen at the position the past few seasons.

Source: Chargers reward pass rusher Melvin Ingram with big contract extension


The Oakland Raiders could give Derek Carr the richest quarterback contract in NFL history, and here’s why he deserves every bit of it.

Source: Oakland Raiders: 3 Reasons Derek Carr deserves to be $25 million man | FOX Sports


During the 2016 offseason, we explained that nothing in the labor deal prevents players from getting paid a percentage of the salary cap. This approach would protect great players against significant jumps in the spending limit (and, in turn, the market) creating the impression that the player is being underpaid in the latter years of…

Source: Is progress being made toward paying players a percentage of the salary cap? | ProFootballTalk


Naturally, we wondered if there was smoke to this fire. What made it most interesting was how Dez kicked off his @ note — with the open-ended “Dallas?” question. Could Revis Island float down south?

Source: Was Dez Bryant’s Cowboys recruiting pitch to Darrelle Revis legit?


The Super Bowl will be in the Vikings’ stadium in February, but not many Vikings fans will be there. The NFL doesn’t price tickets with ordinary fans in mind, and supply and demand dictates a price point beyond the means of most people — even most people with enough disposable income that they could afford…

Source: Vikings warn fans: Super Bowl ticket prices will be a “shock” | ProFootballTalk

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