Think you’re good at Broncos trivia? Bet we have some you don’t know.

Even the most ardent Bronco lover, doesn’t know everything about our beloved franchise. We’ve compiled a list of some trivia that runs the gamut from, you should know it, to, wow, really, items. Hopefully, you learn something new.

What’s the name of the Horse atop the South Stands?

He was named Bucko by a fan in a contest. It was later changed to Bucky.

Who did the Broncos beat in their first road game?

The Boston Patriots. A team we still despise.

When Denver became the first AFL team to beat a NFL team, who was it?

The Detroit Lions in 1967.

How long did Otis Armstrong’s 1,407 rushing record last?

22 years!


Who held the record for most passing yards at 4,089, before Peyton Manning broke it?

Jake the Snake Plummer.

What’s the most Broncos interceptions in one year and by whom?

Nine by Deltha O’Neal (2001) and Tyrone Braxton (1996)

Who holds the record for most Denver TD’s?

Rod Smith, 71.

How many times has Denver played on Christmas Day?

three times, two wins and one loss. 1999, 2004 & 2016.

Who is the only Denver player to be an All-Pro, but never a Pro-Bowler?

John Mobley.

Before Manning had five, what QB had four consecutive 300+ games?

Kyle Orton in 2009. He had 13 total, in 15 games started, but only 21 TDs.

What player had a 105 yard TD return?

Trindon Holliday

Denver has losing records against only 7 teams, can you name them?

Bills, KC, Rams, Dolphins, Oakland, Eagles and Titans.

In an average game at Mile High Stadium, what sales amount in beer is sold?

One million dollars.

Who holds the record for five Denver rushing TD’s in one game? 

Clinton Portis, 5

Who is Denver’s leading scorer?

Jason Elam, 1,786 points.

Denver beat its opponents by 207 points in 2013. When was the next best at 192?

1998 and 2012.

What three numbers have been retired?

18, 44 and 7

Three times Denver has comeback from a 24 deficit. In what years?

1960 Frank Tripucka 4TD, 1979 Craig Morton 3TD and 2012 Peyton Manning 3TD.

How many Head Coaches has Denver had?

16. Four seasons had two.

There are four teams we have a .800 or higher win record against. Can you name them?

Cardinals, Saints, Panthers, Browns.

Denver has had 38 First Team All-Pro players. How many times was John Elway selected?

None. Manning is the only QB to be selected. 12 and 13. Shocking.

What player has the most Denver Pro-Bowl selections?

Elway with nine. Champ Bailey and Steve Atwater have eight. Both Champ and Stevie were All-Pros, too.

What game was the biggest point spread for Denver?

In 1976, the Broncos killed the Jets 46-3. What makes this game interesting is Denver used two quarterbacks, Steve Ramsey and Norris Weese. Ramsey threw 192, Weese, 100 for a total of one passing TD. It was the run game that dominated with four rushing TD’s. Along with a pick six off of Richard Todd, it was a beat down that ranks among the biggest in the NFL.

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