Emmanuel Sanders keeps giving back to the community.

DENVER, Colorado. What happens off the field is just as important as what happens on the field. Being a Bronco means more than having a championship mentality and a winning attitude. Being a Bronco means giving back to the community and using your platform to sprinkle some good in the world.

Photo credit, Ben Swanson, Denver Broncos

As a life long Broncos fan, it’s been impressive to see how the Broncos organization inspires its players to give back and give them access to the tools to carry out their endeavors. Every week there is a Broncos player doing something with their foundation or participating in an event for the community.

Denver Broncos
photo credit, Ben Swanson, Denver Broncos

On Wednesday, WR Emmanuel Sanders visited the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. He signed Broncos paraphernalia for each of the kids and brought some much needed smiles to them as they recover from their illnesses. At one point Sanders met a young boy and asked him who is his favorite player was and the boy hesitated not sure if he should tell E the truth or not. The little guy spliced the beans it was CJ Anderson.

In an extra dose of kindness, E Face Timed CJ Anderson. Not only did the boy get to talk with his fave player, you can hear CJ tell E that he always has his back!

To see all the photos from his trip, go here.

Emmanuel is showing leadership off the field with his foundation and taking time to participate in events around the community in Denver and his hometown of Houston. E recently hosted his first event in Denver, “A Night to Catch Flight” to help provide children with financially disadvantage families with the resources and support to reach their full potential for a better life. The event raised over $240,000.00! You can donate at www.emmanuelsanders.org.

You know the Broncos off field activities are important to the organization when they have their own twitter handle:
@BroncosOffField. Being a Champion is not only what you do on the field but what you do off the field.

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