Riley Dixon wants to put the team in the best position to win games.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Last season, it often appeared that Denver couldn’t start a drive at the 25. Either foolish mistakes in trying to bring a ball out, or great punts pinning them deep or just poor return skills, it ended in the same result. Bad field position to start drives.

Dixon is thrilled with the new returners Denver added because of their speed. These players will help him since he needs to plan around guys like Tyrek Hill. I’d say this is a symbiotic relationship, the better Dixon is, the more it’ll help our returner(s).

For Denver fans, just to have the QB consistently start at least the 25 each drive, would be a big step up, let alone even better field position. If Dixon can help our guys do better at it, sing with me, Hallelujah!

Special Teams often get overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. We won a game last season because Riley pinned a team deep. We also saw both QBs struggle being stuck in the EZ. Dixon says it’s great to have a coach that is hands on and makes it a priority. Has the same passion they have.

For him, he wants to “be the best punter I can be” and put the team in a good position. We saw how often that helped our offense, so we’re rooting for you kid!

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