Andy Janovich: the key to getting on the field is being versatile.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Denver Broncos fullback Andy Janovich met with the media today following practice. He said that “likes the coaches a lot”, that he’s “fortunate to have the same coach as Eric Studesville returned”, but he “likes Mike McCoy a lot”, he added “it’s looking good for the offense, I mean we’re passing a lot more but there is room for the fullback.”

He says the two systems (Kubiak & McCoy) are “similar” and “there is not much crazy change”, but went on to say “there is a little bit more passing game added” At the end of the day a trap is a trap, some will give the play a name, some will give the play a #, but at the end of the day, conceptually, some plays or variations of them are in each and every playbook.

He was asked about seeing some time at TE and said, “gotta kinda know a little bit of everything (TE/FB), they want versatile guys on the field”. McCoy has shown during his time in Denver and in San Diego that he will attempt to put players in the best position for the team to perform. If Janovich can see some snaps at Tight End either on the LOS (line of scrimmage) or as a slot, it easily gives the offense the ability to shift into and out of the I formation without making mass changes.

Janovich confirmed that the ankle injury that ended his rookie season is good to go and he’s not limited in anyway. He added “I never had a season-ending injury so it was tough to sit out and watch everybody else play.” Taking mental reps from the sideline is about all he could do after being sidelined. He looked good early and it would have been nice if he had stayed healthy and played the rest of the season.

“We watch a lot of film on the Chargers and all that so they use them (FB) quite a bit”. McCoy commented earlier in the year about “thieving” from other teams when it came to the TE position, so odds are they’ve watched film from other teams and not just the Chargers.

He added that Special Teams coach Brock Oliv0 is “Great to work with” and “has a lot of energy” and that he “really takes pride in what he does and wants us to be the best special teams unit out there.” The more ways a player can contribute the more likelihood he remains on the team.

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