Zach Kerr thinks it was a “no brainer” to play in Denver.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. This is the first we’ve heard Zach Kerr really talk; hopefully, it’s not the last. He’s here to beef up the run defense and will play wherever they want. There’s that ‘beef’, word, again.

He feels this 3-4 scheme will fit him better than “at his last team”. He also said he was in Detroit when Denver called and that it was a “no brainer” to play in Denver. You’d be “a fool not to”.

He reiterated what Crick said in that they’re more free on the DL.

“Nose is a thinking man’s game. Need to be a quick thinker.”

Kerr knows that if you can’t get pressure up the center, the edge rushers won’t be enough. Without that front rush, the QB will have time to step up or extend plays.

He gave lots of praise to DeMarcus Walker, saying he was quick, a real hard worker  and he likes him, a lot. He thinks Tyreek Jarrett reminds him of himself.

As an aside, is ‘Pickle’ Domata Peko’s nickname or does he just make Peko sound like Pickle? Can someone find out because I think Pickle is kind of perfect because if you’re a QB and Peko is in your face, you’re in a pickle because Peko packs poundage.

He felt welcomed at once and felt it was cool to have such a camaraderie in the locker room.

He says this place is intense and he’s not seen that before, nor having the DBs run the team, “it’s exciting to see the skinny guys get out there sometimes.” Haha. Welcome to Denver, Zach, hope you can stick around for a while.

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