Where’s the Beef? It’s in Denver and the bulls are growing by the week.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. I sound like a broken record, but every player we see, minus Emmanuel, and the QB’s, seem to be growing before our eyes.

You want #Truth? Our team is going to make pilots this season spend a lot of time figuring weight and balance because the tonage that will be stepping onboard will make those planes more than just the fugitive cattle car, but literal ones.

Jared Crick blames some of his woes on run stoppage on his weight last season. He was under 275 and said it effected him going up against bigger guys. That and you get the feeling having the most snaps of the DL also contributed.  Since then he’s added 15 and wants five more.

Those pounds didn’t come from a bag of peanut M&M’s, but by eating 6-7 healthy meals a day. Plus lots of weight training. Sounds like they should just put a food trough in the weight room and keep the bulls penned in. With bathroom access, of course.

The OL added some beef, too when they cut 285 UDFA Center Erik Austell and signed 300 pound UDFA Chris Mueller.

Anyone remember Refrigerator Perry?  If not, go look him up. Joe Woods may have been a fan because his team is looking like a sumo group.

Some how, every player says with this added weight, they also feel better than have in years. Was Kubiak starving them? My lone concern is speed; however, Crick and others have spoken about moving around more and their quickness, so it must not be a factor.

More movement and more freedom up front seems to be what the team believes is the key to staying healthy. Guess Cora and her friends know where to look.

Where’s the beef?

Watch the DL Perry act as a FB and score.


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