Virgil Green likes Mike McCoy’s aggressive offense.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Three Broncos TE’s met with the press today, first up was Virgil Green. From a female standpoint, in my mind, He-Man was a TE, they just omitted that part in his comics. Therefore, if you were a fan He-Man, the next best thing is an NFL tight end.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Virgil’s presser. He said that the TEs spent most of last season blocking because they wanted to get the run game. Had them facing off against Khalil Mack, etc. Under McCoy he has other plans so the TEs will get more of a chance in the passing game,

Hopefully, Virgil gets better at catching because Mr McCoy likes his 12 personnel and if you can’t catch in this formation, you’re watching from the bench. I truly like Green, I’m pulling for him to get to where we thought he’d be after Julius Thomas left.

He thinks this offense has been more competitive than it has been in two years. Translation: Kubiak’s system sucked and the QB’s lacked zip.

He thinks the last two days of practice have been good, that it’s beginning to click. He used the word ‘fun’ which combined with ‘exciting’ is the catch phrase this season. A fun and exciting offense. Inside my head a string of cuss words are dancing in a fun and exciting formation along with mental fist pumps and a couple Von hip grinders, too.

“Agitate the defense”, Green says is the goal of the offense in practice. Along with that comes smack talk, something he “enjoys”. Yes, inside the skull there’s a party going on. Although disco makes one shrink back in revulsion, ‘Celebration’, is the background music to the party in the frontal lobe.

Have you ever seen the movie, The Great Santini?  I cannot think of the name Virgil without seeing Bull Meechum and a drunk Ben saying “Virg”. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s Robert Duvall’s best flick. Period. Anyway, Virg said the QB’s are making a lot of progress based on how complicated the offense is.

Out of left field, probably to get clicks, he was asked about Kaep. Virg wisely tip toed around the answer as I heard Patrick Smyth (my hero) try to end the presser.

And if you don’t want to watch the BIG Man, to him, Vance Joseph is about Truth: own up to mistakes and correct it. Right on, Prince Adam, er, Virg.

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