TE Jeff Heuerman acts chills, but his words aren’t.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Jake Butt and He-Man Jeff Heuerman have bets in the locker room. Rivals from Ohio State and Michigan, they’re going to have a fun and exciting sesason on Saturday’s, too.

Jeff used the word ‘fun’ three times in one sentence. Maybe twenty times in a few minutes. You can guess he’s a big fan of McCoy’s usuage of TE’s in routes and blocking.

Heuerman said since April that the timing routes are coming together. The Offense is getting in more of a groove. And it’s, say it with me: FUN.

He credits the strength and conditioning staff in both Denver and at Ohio State for getting him in great shape. He believes you need to change how you train the older you get, especially after a knee injury. He believes he hasn’t felt this good in years. Let’s hope that feeling lasts a while.

After two years of fans not seeing what he can do, he’s learned to shut out the noise and just listens to his close group of friends and family.

As far as this upcoming season, Heuerman believes if you’re a good person, good things will happen to you.

And it’s fun and exciting.

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