Shane Ray’s spirit is what makes him the person and player he is.

When you read about Shane Ray’s childhood, it’s easy to feel sorry for him; however, that would be the last thing this warrior would want. Battle scars are what make men. Surviving and beating the odds show discipline, character and strength. These attributes are often forged under fire. That spirit is what makes Shane Ray the person and player he is today.

It also separates those who learn, from those who don’t. With each mistake Shane made on his journey, he grew with the help from his mother and family.  For those who survive a tough childhood and reach the NFL, it doesn’t take a village, it takes a team, a band of football brothers.  These teammates also inspired and supported Ray.

Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve, but in Ray’s case his ‘sleeves’ do show his heart…and mind. His tattoos tell a story. One that’s still in progress, like the stairway to heaven on one bicep. Just like the man. Always striving to move upward.

As a testament to this, Ray is giving back. He and his mother want to help others, the result is the the Rays Awareness Foundation. Its goal is to inspire kids to dream, no matter the circumstances, and to assist youth and their families in underserved areas in Kansas City and Denver to reach their full potential through sports programs and activities.

To further this message, Shane and his mother will be hosting a Youth Football Camp and Parent Seminar. The players will be taught fundamental skills from Shane, while Shane’s mother, Sabrina, will lead a workshop for the parents. ‘Beyond the Field’ focuses on what football can offer players and the community, on and off the field.

The good news is that the Camp has reached its capacity this year of serving 250 kids.  These participants will be benefiting from both fun and meaningful mentoring and character development.  If you want to donate to this worthy cause, click here . Make sure to follow, Rays Awareness Foundation, on Facebook.

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