AJ Derby spills some beans when he meets the press and it’s worth a listen.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Like his fellow TE’s who spoke today, AJ is liking this offense. In particular, he likes instead of learning the plays each week, the team is learning everything, now.

“Last year it was just learning the week-by-week plays. This year is building on the whole system.”

Based on Head Coach Vance Joseph saying he believes in throwing everything at them in the Spring to “stretch their minds”, this sounds like a true statement. It also begs the question, WHAT WAS KUBIAK DOING?

Did Derby let a big WTF slip or did I misunderstand? Because it sure sounded like Kubes didn’t even have a system in place. Based on the same crap each week, but a different team, that would explain a lot.

Derby mentioned that like Heuerman this is the best he’s felt in years. Which also begs the question, if our TE’s were so banged up, why did Kubes keep playing them? He did the same to Trevor and Matt Paradis. What other walking wounded players did he abuse? Ty Sambraillo? Okung, Stevenson?

Virgil Green said the TE’s were basically being used like OL. So, we have all these guys trying to protect a QB who held the ball too long and didn’t scramble nearly enough to help them out. Then, they’re all beat up, including Trevor, and Kubes just let’s this continue. Sigh.

No wonder everyone is now happy. Moving on because that was the past, it won’t be repeated and this offense is ‘fun and exciting’.

Derby also said this about how the TE’s are being used, “Just more spread out and more movement. Like what San Diego did with their tight ends, they had two on the field like Gates and Hunter Henry. They’re just using a lot more tight ends and having them be more versatile.”

Um, San Diego, er, LAC has gunslinger Phillip Rivers. That guy is aggressive and can make all the throws, plus he’s one tough hombre. You know what that means…

Watch the former QB talk about the adjustment to the new system and how he feels.

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