When Derek Wolfe speaks, I hear Billy Idol: more, more, moooore

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. (Editor’s note: Kevin didn’t come up with the title, so don’t @ him for his taste in music 😂)

Derek Wolfe wants ring number two, but he didn’t stop there, “I’d like to get another ring. I’d like to get another contract. I’d like to play 12 years in Denver and then say, ‘See ya later.’ On my own terms, with my legs still intact.” He might very well see another contract and if he’s wanting 12 “more” years, then that might be a bit ambitious, but even shit-kicking defensive lineman deserve to have dreams.

One thing that the defensive lineman out of Cincinnati isn’t looking forward to, is a training camp confrontation with rookie offensive tackle Garrett Bolles, not that he would back down, but he turned the tables on the media by asking a couple of questions of his own, “Why are we even talking about that? Why do you want to see me fight some young kid? I got nothing against him. I’m not trying to fight anybody out here. I’m trying not to get in fights.”

A reporter then commented “We’d be highly entertained by it”. Wolfe then set the record straight by saying “I’m not here for your entertainment, I’m here for football.” With that said, he directed questions about Bolles to Adam Gotsis, “I haven’t gone against him. You have to ask Adam about that, he’s the one who’s been going against him.”

Speaking of Gotsis, Wolfe added that “He’s doing great. I’m really proud of him. He’s really turned it around. Last year,  Kollar was on him every day, all day. He’s actually getting a good job out of him. It’s good to see him doing well.”

He was also asked about the absence of linebacker Shaquil Barrett, and responded that, “It’s the next man in. That’s just the way it goes. If somebody gets hurt, it’s the next man in. That’s how it has to be. Shane and Von are going to get it done. We’ve got some young guys coming in who are doing a good job for us, they just have to pick it up.”

Wolfe addressed the Will Park snapchat snafu by saying, “I think it’s something that we’re going to handle internally and I don’t think he meant any harm by it. In our eyes, it’s fake news, making something out of nothing, which is what you guys usually do.” He makes a fair point, but some things need to remain in house, and outside eyes should not have a look at them.

He spoke about accountability by saying, “On the defensive side of the ball, we pretty much police ourselves. It’s not a hard job. If I’m doing something wrong, I expect somebody to tell me something, and if they’re doing something wrong I tell them. We hold each other accountable. That’s how you become great.”

He was asked about the defense falling short, and this was likely the question that pissed him off, but he gave a far better response than the reporter deserved, when he said. “I think we just didn’t put it all together. We weren’t putting it together. People weren’t fitting where they needed to be fitting. It wasn’t like everyone was just getting beat. It was just—people weren’t fitting where they needed to fit, running in and out of gaps, people trying to do too much and stuff like that. We all just have to play assignment football and it will work out for us.”

The defense gave up quite a bit more rushing yards than the previous season (2,085 compared to 1,337 in ’15), but outside of that, most other measurables were in line with the production of the 2015 World Champions or not far off. As Wolfe mentioned, situational football hurt the team at various key spots.

It is the off-season and the head banger is looking forward to the Wednesday night Metallica concert at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. He said, “I’ve always wanted to go to a Metallica concert; I’m just showing up and doing whatever they tell me.” after being asked if he would appear on stage. Sticking with music, he was pressed about his pregame musical preference and said, “Never country, that’s just too slow. But some days it’s hip-hop, some days it’s heavy metal. Some days it’s nothing.” Maybe it is the silence in his own mind where he daydreams of eating the buffet of kids at the Rivers’ household.

See the full presser here.

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