Vance Joesph calls Isaiah McKenzie a smart, tough guy.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. The more Vance Joseph talks, the more I now believe he must be a great schmoozer. My brother is one. You walk away thinking they gave you all kinds of info, but instead they talk in circles, often contradicting themselves, but it sounds so good, you don’t notice until later. You got the answer you thought you wanted at the time.

They’re friends to all, say all the right things which often means don’t take what they say as the unvarnished truth, or it’s only the truth of the moment. My brother owns a real estate company. He and VJ would be fun to watch and try to figure out that which they say is the real truth and that which is BS. And a I love my brother, BTW, he’s amazing, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t sell a surfboard to a person in Colorado.

Case in point, today Joesph says Parks was dealt with internally concerning snap chat, but then he says no punishment and they can’t do that. First of all, dealing with it internally is doing something and second of all, it’s in the NFLPA that teams may indeed do a lot concerning a player’s behavior. Termination, fines and/or suspensions. Either VJ doesn’t know, or he did what I call a, ‘Jeff’. 🙂

Next, he was weird when asked about Paxton Lynch. Seemed like he wanted to take the emphasis away from him and put it on other players and the offense. So many layers to his responses; however, we do know the plays he mentioned were with Lynch. This is another ‘Jeff’ where the listener can spin it any way they want to suit what they want to hear. This is why Elway hired him. Schmooze extraordinaire.

I can’t wait until a starter is named so he can stop saying ‘they’. Unless there’s an injury, there isn’t two guys taking snaps in a game. It’s, ‘he’.

He did have glowing words about second year Safety, Justin Simmons. He said he had high football IQ and with his size, was able to make plays others couldn’t. That is really exciting. It does beg the question about what to do next season with Darian Stewart. How do you keep a rising talent like his, on the second team? While Simmons is behind Stewart, it also shines a light on TJ Ward. He’s in a contract year. If Parks did indeed learn his lesson, then why keep him with two young gun safeties on the rise?

He also had good things to say about Isaiah McKenzie and unlike the hemming and hawing with the ‘they’ regarding QB, he said McKenzie will be the slot. He mentioned that’s he’s a smart, tough guy they can use in the backfield with his skills and also in the return game. They have plans for him.

I’m the blonde in the front row bouncing up and down waving my arm, saying, oh, oh, pick me, pick me because I have a question…alas, I’m ignored. What about Carlos Henderson? Wasn’t he drafted to be our slot? Someone is starting in that spot. If IM is the slot, does that make Henderson his back-up? Used only on Slecial Teams? Why didn’t anyone ask? Hello!

Sure sounds like Carlos Henderson just got jumped over.

Watch here to see the entire presser.

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