Jamaal Charles made every fan’s heart in Broncos Country go, pitter pat: “I’ve wanted to be a Bronco since I was a little kid”.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. He’s only been on the team for a short while, but Jamaal Charles has stolen my heart. Smart man. Just like when Emmanuel Sanders said he was in wide receiver heaven getting to play with Peyton Manning. In this instance, it’s the Prince of Denver remark that has us swooning.

“I’m just happy to be a Bronco. The past is the past. If I was still a Chief, I would be there now. I’m here now. I was fired. Hey, it’s a business. I’m excited to be a Bronco. I’ve wanted to be a Bronco since I was a little kid when I looked up to John Elway and saw how he carries his team and Terrell Davis at running back. That inspired me as a little kid. I just like the way the organization was back then.”

He then sweetens the pot some more by saying he wants to make Devontae Booker a Pro-Bowler and CJ Anderson an All-Pro. Love you, Jamaal, but the only way to become an All-Pro is to rush at least 1,500 yards and that’s not going to happen unless he’s the bell cow. Teams with two RB’s don’t see both getting 1,000 yards. You think that’ll happen with three running backs?! Whoa. I want some of that sunshine blown up my skirt, I may become the happiest person on the whole planet.

The most rushing yards we’ve had in years was when Manning threw 5,000 and even then, with a team total 1,800 yards, we didn’t have an All-Pro in Knowshon Moreno even though 2013 saw him with his biggest season with 1,038 yards. He didn’t even make the Pro-Bowl and he had 10 rushing TD’s. The last All-Pro we had was Terrell Davis. The last time we had 2,000 (not including 2011 when Tebow ran 660 yards), was 2006. Since 1998, we’ve had 4 Pro-Bowlers; Clinton Portis (2003) was a reserve and CJ, McGahee, Smith were alternatives. The last Denver RB actually selected first was TD in 1999. Sheesh.

While a Coryell-type offense does push the pass to open the rush, I just can’t see this new offense clicking enough to rival Manning and Moreno. In 2012, with McCoy, Manning, MacGahee and Moreno we had 4,689 air, 1,832 rushing and Willis had 731 to Knowshon’s 525. Jamaal said he wants to get 6.0 yards a carry. I think I feel faint.

Plus he said this about the McCoy, “has a lot of opportunities to put his players in the best opportunities. I’m happy to be a part of that, to put me in space, to put me in at wide receiver, to catch the ball out of the backfield and even run the ball between the tackles. I’m excited about what his offense brings to the Broncos.” Honey, get in line. Every time a player says that same thing, both my legs now have tingles running up them. I’ve now got a joker smile permanently on my face, I’m starting to scare little kids.

On whether he has the mindset that he can still be a starter
“Why would I not think I’m going to be the man. You think I just want to come in here and be like—that’s never been me in my whole life. My whole life, I’ve always felt like I’m going to the be the man. That is what I want to come up in here. If I’m not going to be the man, why am I here? I could be at home sitting on the couch.”

JC doesn’t have small goals or anything, which is terrific. Now to get his fellow offensive players to raise the bars for themselves that high. He does want to really mentor the backs, help each other get better. He says that’s what he’s always done with his teammates. This guy wants a ring so badly he can taste it and I pray he gets one.

See his full presser here.

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