Denver Broncos Safety Will Parks says he’s learned his lesson regarding social media.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Denver Broncos second year safety Will Parks, had a rough week last week. To start the week, it was discovered that he posted team videos on his personal snapchat account.

Later in the week, news of a “domestic violence” arrest broke (editor’s note, at DBZ, we avoid posting he said/she said cases–readers can go to the official NFL site that was linked for more info). It would have been easy for the Broncos to tuck Parks away and send another member of the team out for the press conferences, but to Patrick Smyth’s (Exec. Vice President of Public & Community Relations) credit, Parks met the media earlier today.

Parks addressed the leakage as “a lesson learned for me, just don’t do it”, but somewhat brushed it off as “it’s social media, some things can turn into other things.” His demeanor was a bit flippant, while adding that he and his teammate “just laughed about it.”

Teammate Derke Wolfe called the hullabaloo about the leaked footage, “fake news; making something out of nothing.” First year Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph termed his conversation with Parks as, “more of an educational conversation.” and said that the player will not face punishment.

It’s good to see a teammate stand up and have another player’s back and it is far better for the franchise to address the issue publicly than simply offering a “no comment” and addressing it internally, but you still want him to be taken to task by both players/captains and coaches, otherwise it will be harder for him to learn from the mistake.

Parks addressed the legal issue by saying “that’s up to the league and the facts will come out”. Joseph had the following to say about Parks legal matter, “It’s a league matter, so whatever happens, it comes from the league.”

What the full presser here.

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