Denver’s defense owes no apologies for last season.

As one defensive player after another makes remarks about SB lull or that they need to make fire or make more plays, I want to ask, is there an ‘I’ in team?

Don’t get me wrong, if the defense wants to use last year’s standings to fuel this season, have at it, but they weren’t the problem. If anyone should be looking backward and making apologies, it should be the offense. What is interesting is that no offensive Bronco has displayed any kind of remorse close to the defensive players.

We all know Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison were a lot to blame for last season’s fiasco, but players need to still execute. CJ Anderson said the OL wasn’t to blame. That leaves coaching, backs, receivers and quarterback. Last year’s coaches are gone so no mea culpas from them. The receivers have spoken and been mum. Siemian said he needed to do, yawn, better. WTH? Show me the same remorse as the defense, people. Show some FIRE.

Our offense isn’t looking backward, only ahead, while the defense is using their fourth best ranking as fuel? The D is making goals, while other than a vague remark from Sanders, there isn’t the same from the offense. Do both. Look to the past as a measuring stick and to the future to surpass it.

Why is this an issue? Because the defense can’t and shouldn’t carry a team year after year. Because this offense needs to have the players come out and be bold and bodacious and make predictions. Show some swagger. Want to rip a chain. Being upbeat isn’t swagger.

I’d rather hear, “I’m going to make 10 TDs” than, “I love this offense.” Speaking of which, dear Trevor, I know you’re the chill guy, but could you just once say, LOVE? I love football or I love this game or I love this offense? Just once?

Even defensive players have said it. Shouldn’t the guy some believe should be the starting QB, show some passion? Using the word, fun four or five times in two years, isn’t enough. You want this gig? Show some fire. Say,”I kinda stunk last season, but I love this offense, it fits me to perfection, I am so excited to throw 30 TD’s, man I love this game.” You can even say it in your monotone, but just say it.

Here’s some facts:

We had five games we lost in which we scored 16 or less points.

Our average points per game was 20.81, 22nd worst and 5.1 yards per game for 27th worst.

Of our seven losses, we lost by 54 total points, an average of  7.71 a game.

We had three straight games when our offense combined for 23 points. An average of 7.66. In those games, our defense allowed 62 points, for an average of 20.66 a game. Two of those games, they only allowed a combined 29 points, but we only scored 13. The fearsome D held Brady* to no TDs.

When you have three straight games and you only get 23 points combined, not only is your coach an idiot for not making changes, but your defense is tired. Our offense had 903 yards over those games, with only 23 points to show for it. Don’t tell me that doesn’t add a huge burden to the defense in both body and soul.

Emmanuel Sanders says this offense should get back to the 2014 season when we scored 30 and 40 points a game. I say, aim for 2012 when we averaged 30.06 a game and was second best in points in the league.

Had they scored 27 in every game last season, we’d have went 13-3. With less pressure on the defense, 15-1 isn’t a reach for this team. Those extra points would’ve changed the mentality of the Chiefs and Raiders. Heck, had Kubiak/Rico been that pliable, 16-0 was doable. When Knapp took over playcalling in ATL, the offense started clicking. That game plan for the entire game, could’ve won lots of games for us.

In 2012, Denver had 52 sacks and only allowed an average of 4.6 yards per game. That stat was 2nd best in the league. The defense was 4th best in only allowing 18.1 points a game. Last season, we had 51 sacks. Were 4th in points allowed and yards allowed.

Why am I using 2012? Because we have the same OC and our defense last year, was almost identical to ’12. That helped the offense and vice versa. Plus, that team had many changes like this one and I can see it taking a few games before the offense starts clicking.

The 2012 offense, over its final 11 games, averaged 5.8 a game, plus beat every team by at least 7 points with an average gap of 16.5 a game. Winning by scoring 16.5 more points than the other guys. Think about that. By the end of the season, that squad finished 2nd in scoring and 4th in yardage.

This was with a new QB, Head Coach and D.C. Obviously, we don’t have Peyton Manning, but that season should be held up as a goal, minus the Fox brain freeze against the Ravens.

Denver had 49 total offensive TDs. While 37 passing TDs is a reach, 28 isn’t. 16 rushing TDs is only four more than ’12 (5 more than ’16) and should be a minimum goal. With extra points, that gives us 308 offense points (including XP), an average of 19.25 points a game

In 2012, we had 26 FGs, 29 in 2016. That’s an average of 27.5 FGs and 82.5 points. Our defense had 5 TDs in ’12 and 3 in ’16. That averages to  4 TD’s and 28 points. Add 27.5 and 28 and you get 55.5 additional points. We should aim to get at least that in 2017 and you have an average of 22.71 a game.

If we want to equal ’12, we need 54 total TDs. 3.375 a game. Ignoring all the stats above, that should be a minimum goal: get three TDs a game in any combination. Plus toss in a an extra FG per game and we’re freezing our asses off in the Minnesota tundra. (Dumbest place EVER)

Our loss average in 2016 was by 7.71 points. We didn’t even need 16 extra points a game to win, just 8. Not to mention, had the offense scored those extra eight, think about how that would’ve helped this defense. That’s the real story.

Kudos to the defense for once again leading the way, but now it’s time for the offense to show the same. Let’s hear them say, we are going to score 50 TD’s. Add in extra points and FGs and we’ve got an offense and defense that’s balanced. This is how we return to the top. Balanced football. Back to the future should be 2012. Someone fire up the DeLorean.

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