Todd Davis talks about getting better at coverages and team chemistry.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. One key goal for Todd Davis and the team is, “to get back to where we were, make another Super Bowl run”. He says he’rs been working on his “coverages to give them (coaches) a reason for him not to be off the field,” so he can contribute on “key third downs and dime packages.”

Every player wants to be on the field, so it’s important that he has worked on what one could perceive as a weakness to improve and stay the starter.

He feels that he and fellow linebacker Brandon Marshall, “have a lot in common”. With him growing up in California and Marshall in Las Vegas; it has given them things to bond with off the field such as, “similarities and childhood memories” and that helps them build “chemistry” on the field. Having a connection is key. A lot like a QB/WR knowing exactly where they will be, helps the linebackers play more freely knowing the other has his back.

Like most inside linebackers Davis “loves those big boys in the middle”, and compares the nose tackle’s importance to inside linebackers as to that of an “Offensive Lineman to a running back”. Ray Lewis used to glow about his fat boys in Baltimore, with Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams, so hopefully, Tyrique Jarrett and Kyle Peko can help fill that role for Davis and Marshall.

Davis called first year defensive coordinator Joe Woods an “attack type of coach”, one that allows you to “shoot your shot” and “to go make plays” and is “excited” to play for him. One would hope that this transition from Wade Phillips to Joe Woods, can be a lot like the transition the offense made from Mike McCoy to Adam Gase, with a lot of the same structure in place, with some new tweaks and some added venom being thrown around as well.

In speaking of first year head coach, Vance Joseph, “He loves him, his personality and intensity”. He loves “watching him get fired up” and that he is a “defensive minded head coach”. He says he is “definitely hands on and is definitely the right man on the job”.

A coach that can get his hands dirty and take a knee, a grease board, and draw up x’s & o’s at any given point in time is far better than the on that stands on the sideline with his arms crossed waiting for something to happen, so those are certainly words of praise from Davis for Coach Joseph.

Watch the full presser here.

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