Brandon Marshall talks tackling technique, SB lull, QBs and training.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Before getting to the meat of Brandon Marshall’s presser, let me say that almost all our vets are looking quite muscley. Will it still be there week one? Who knows, but it seems apparent no one will be asking, where’s the beef?

Marshall says he’s changed up his training because it was getting old and he feels more explosive, now. He’s focused more on legs this year and making sure his hamstrings are strong.

UDFA NT Tyrique Jarrett has been dubbed, Pot Roast, Jr. His 350 pounds has BMarsh excited. He thinks his massive size can stop up the middle.

“Bad taste in his mouth” on how he performed last season on not making enough plays. His goal this year is “reverse that” and make every play.

“LBs make all the plays. Linebackers are supposed to make all the plays.” He also believes there is a SB lull because there’s a let down because you’ve met your goals. The way to overcome that is to make new goals.

He gave NE* some love and I’m not writing what he said because it’s hard to write while puking. Short version: Brady* and Belichick*

Marshall said he’s only had one concussion and that was in 2014 and gave reasons why. He explains his technique as keeping his face up and using his body, not dropping his head.

On the quarterbacks he said, “Paxton has the arm you dream of and Trevor has the accuracy you dream of, and the mind.” He sums up the truth and another common theme. Gunslinger vs game manager.

He repeated a common refrain, “I love the offense”. BMarsh, so do we!

He spoke about working on his chemistry with Todd Davis and this defense.

“I think we’re going to play beautifully together”.

Shivers of excitement. This defense is NOT in some mythical SB closing window. This defense has/has been built to be a perpetual machine, with new learning from experienced. Rinse and repeat. Marshall is a good listen, watch for yourself.

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