Emmanuel Sanders’ foundation gala will provide kids in need with sports equipment

In early May, Denver wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders announced his creation of a new foundation to support children, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club.  Sanders decided to focus his charitable efforts towards the Club because of the tremendous support the organization provided him as a kid.  The organization has always been a passion for the Bowlen family as well, which has made Sanders’ charity a very proud platform for the Broncos’ organization as well.

Tonight, Sanders is hosting an event tonight at Jet Linx Hangar, in Englewood starting with cocktails at 6:30 and dinner and a silent auction to follow at 7:30. Funds raised from this event will help his foundation provide sports equipment to kids in need.  Sanders spoke with the media yesterday about why providing sports equipment is a focus for his foundation:

Growing up, I grew up in a rough environment in terms of my mom had me at a young age. My dad had me at a young age. So they were never around and my grandma was working two jobs. I wanted to play sports, but I couldn’t play sports. All my friends were playing sports. Luckily, my uncle fell in love with me to the point that he started paying for me to play sports. Now look where I am today. There are a lot of kids out there that have parents that aren’t able to take them to practice or provide them with football gloves, or football cleats, or a baseball bat or things of that sort. It was one way to touch my heart and something that I wanted to do for kids.

Sanders’ recognizes that narrowing his focus to sporting equipment when there are so many needs may seem minor. But while not every child will grow into a professional athlete like he did, the health, leadership and discipline benefits can provide lifelong skills and character building for these kids.

A lot of people say, ‘Why chose sports? Everybody is not going to go to the NFL.’ Sports do more than just trying to go professionally. It teaches you team work. It teaches you so much. It teaches you discipline. It teaches you work ethic. Not only that, it keeps you healthy.

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Even if you won’t be able to attend the Night to Catch Flight, doesn’t mean you can’t help the cause.  Saunders is also offering an online action to raise funds.  More information is available at sanders17.gesture.com

We have an opportunity to be around the kids and give kids a dream – to inspire kids and that’s what it’s about,” Sanders said of his foundation’s goal. “This platform that we’re on, we have to take advantage of it. Use it for the proper things and that’s to better people and uplift people. That’s what we’re trying to do.”


It cannot be overstated how valuable these off-field contributions impact our community, and particularly the children and families served at the Broncos’ Boys and Girls club. Congratulations to Emmanuel Sanders for taking the lead this year in showcasing and supporting one of Pat Bowlen’s favorite causes.  Sanders is underscoring Bowlen’s passionate commitment to winning in life by using his beloved Broncos as a catalyst for good in our community.

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