Devontae Booker has been “working his butt off”.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Devontae Booker met with the press today and said he has been working his butt off this off season to show what he can do in this new offense. That may be why he sounded and looked whipped. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Emmanuel Sanders saying the offense needed to show some energy. However, Book may be channeling all that juice inside and will be laser focused come game time. He’s an intense young man. He and Mike McCoy seem like two peas in a pod in that category. If so, look out defenses, there’s a freight train coming your way and it is fueled by some horse power.

He likes a gap system much better than the zone scheme because it’s something he’s more used to and it plays better with his skill set. That is a common refrain we seem to be hearing often. It also begs the question, what the hell was Kubiak doing?!?! He will always be a Bronco and his bringing in Wade Phillips got us a ring, but the more I know, the more I dislike him as a coach. But, it’s water under the SB50 trophy, so moving on…

Although he and Bolles both came from Utah they didn’t play together, so dear press, let’s not ask him this same question every time you see him, mmk?

He said he sees confidence in Lynch and that’s he’s making steps every day making guys ready to play. I think it may be Jake Marsing who asks every player and coach about Paxton Lynch (countering the other 75% of the media who have a slobbering love affair over Trevor), if it is indeed him, HUGS to you, now we can get more even information. It is funny how the more questions asked about Lynch, the less that are asked about Trevor. Is the ship turning? Do I hear the sound of a boom being lowered and new sail raised?

Booker said he’d like to catch more passes out of the backfield, and said this offense is doing that and splitting the backs, my grandma and yours out wide for more targets. Which if that is music to your ears, here’s more:

“I love this offense already”

Us, too, Book. Us, too!

Watch the entire presser here.

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