CJ Anderson says he wants to be productive for all 16 games.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. If you happen to be in the area of the Mile High Stadium you might bump into CJ Anderson. CJ has been using cycling to get in shape. If you follow him on social media, he has posted a couple of videos of him arriving at the Stadium after a long bike ride. This conditioning is aiding his recovery after injuring his knee last season. This conditioning is getting him ready to stay on the field longer and make plays.

“I don’t know. I didn’t start cycling until about two weeks ago. In that time frame, I was already feeling good. I do think it’s helping me tone up and be stronger. It’s more conditioning. It’ll help play more plays, that’s the whole goal, the endurance. Just stay on the field as long I can.”

CJ believes the two work together; being in great condition can help keep him injury free this season. The goal is to be productive for 16 games not just show up. Dearest, CJ, love the attitude, but can you aim for 19-20 games? We have mile high expectations here in Broncos Country.

“Nothing, really. How can I say this? 2014, when I played, I played when two guys got hurt. I had to play the last eight. That’s just how that works. The following year I had some bangs and nicks up, but I still played 15 games. The following year after that, we won the Super Bowl. I played well. Then last year, I got hurt on a routine cut. I just think conditioning is a big part, which is why I got into cycling. I think endurance helps me a lot more, but as far as staying on the field for 16 games, I think I’ve been there. Now, being productive for 16 games is a different story and that’s what I want to do this year.

Not just stay on the field, and hey, No. 22 (Anderson) is on the field. I want to be productive while I’m on the field for those 16 games. That’s the whole plan this year. It’s not the fact of just staying healthy. Staying healthy is always the big key, but it’s not just staying healthy and being out there with my teammates. If I’m not making any plays, there’s no point. So the goal is to be productive through those 16 games. I think cycling and some other things I was doing—you know I was boxing for a while. There were other things I was doing conditioning wise to help me for those 16 games.”

Following CJ’s career since it was unearthed here with the Broncos, I have always loved CJ’s heart. I believe a great player has passion and heart which catapults them past others. Listening to CJ’s presser, he emerged as a leader. He has the right attitude. John Elway signed Jamal Charles this off season, does the star Super Bowl RB feel insecure? Not CJ, he’s all about the “team” and winning!

“We’re all going to get the opportunity to make plays. That’s what I’ve been telling people and that’s the truth. We’re all going to get the chance to make plays. When No. 22 is in the game, No. 22 has to make plays. When Jamaal is in the game, he has to make plays, Book etc. We’re all going to have the opportunity to make plays. Just when you make plays is what matters. Our room has always been the same since I been here back when] Knowshon [Moreno] was here when I was a rookie.

We’re not going to miss a beat no matter who’s on the field. We’re going to keep it that way. We played three when it was Knowshon, Montee [Ball], Ronnie [Hillman]. We played three when it was me, Montee and Ronnie. It’s the same. Now, it’s just me, Jamaal and Book. It’s the same. We don’t want to miss a beat. Whoever is in, we want to make plays. Our room has the ability to make plays and that’s what we want to continue to do.”
One theme I have noticed during the OTA’s pressers this year is how Paxton Lynch has gained the confidence a QB needs to play in this league. Every player in his pressers have mentioned the giant leap Paxton has taken this year.

“Paxton is just way more comfortable this year. That is what’s helping. I think that’s what’s helping him. Same with Book. I think that’s helping them become the pros that they want to become—the fact that they had a year in the National Football League. They know what it takes to be a pro. They know that a lot of things that they have to do, the little things that they have to do will put them over the edge and over the hump compared to relying on their athleticism or just pure talent which got them, and got us all here. We all learned that in our first and second year in the league that it takes those little things, those little details to put you over the hump. I think that’s what Paxton is doing a lot better this year.”

CJ has really proven to be an emerging leader in the Offense this year, and they need one. CJ was able to learn from the goat Peyton Manning, has experience in what it takes to get to and win a Super Bowl and overcome adversaries. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Captain CJ.

Watch full presser below.


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