Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy says all the right things.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. While McCoy isn’t as vivacious as many of the other coaches, he does give off a quiet intensity that reminds one of E.F. Hutton. What he had to say was worth listening to.

His no-nonsense approach gives one the sense that he’s in command, knows what he’s doing and that it will work. He repeated often that he and Musgrave would fit their playbook to what the players do best. I want to marry this guy. Imagine, fitting your playbook to the talent you have, rather than forcing your talent to fit into your playbook. Ok, done being snarky, those coaches are gone, and it’s a new team, it’s a new staff, it’s a new day and I’m feeling gooooood.

He’s throwing as mush as he can at the players to figure out what their core will be and figure out what the players and team do best. That entails moving a lot of the players around. “There’s plenty of mistakes that we’re making that we’re cleaning up. But the good thing about that is we’re coaching off of that. It’s never going to be perfect. Every game has plenty of mistakes to look at, and say regardless of the score, here are some plays that I wish we would have done better. Here’s where I would correct some things. Everyone is getting reps right now. So it’s been a productive couple week on the field with the players.”

“It’s a new team. It’s a new staff.” Yes, I’ve got Simone and Buble in my head.  That’s the other theme, it’s a new day and McCoy isn’t looking back. He’s looking forward and getting this team to be better. Which shouldn’t be too difficult since last year was about as bad of a Denver offense as we’ve had in decades.

Continuing on the concept of making the quarterback comfortable, “We’ve only had the three practices with them at full speed, so by the time that we leave for vacation, we’ll have a good feel for what they like, but there will be plenty of things that we’ll add come training camp. We’re learning about ourselves as an offense right now. Both coaches and players. We’re trying to figure out what we do best, and then when we get ready to play a game at the opener, we’ll figure out what those players do best.”

His thoughts on Paxton Lynch:

“What he needs to work on is really learning our system and executing our system. All of the quarterbacks, that entire offense, it’s not just the quarterbacks. He’s a very talented player. He can throw. He can make every throw that we’re asking him to make and that he needs to make to win a football game and move the ball up and down the field. He’s very athletic and you love his size with his ability to sit in the pocket and see the whole field. He’s just poised in the pocket and throw those comebacks and out-route effortlessly.”

He didn’t say anything about Trevor and wasn’t asked a specific question about him, so there’s no equal quote to add.

When Mike was asked about the TE position, he might be comfortable with them, but I’d give him an extra kiss if another vet was brought in; however, he knows more than I, so I’ll be quiet.“Yeah, I’m comfortable with them. I think that they’re learning the system like everybody else. I think as an offense, we’re all playing a little slower than we’d like to right now because we’re throwing so much at them. And we have to. We only have so much time, and there’s only so much time you can spend with the players in the off season. We’re introducing our system to them and they’re thinking a lot. Hopefully by the time that we hit training camp, the entire offense will play a lot faster. We’re trying to figure out what those guys do best because they will play a big role in our offense and the way we play the game. I think with the mismatches you can create at this level against safeties and linebackers when you have the right tight ends running certain routes—that’s all a part of our job as coaches, to find out what this group of tight ends do best. Then you game plan with those players and put them in a position to be successful come gameday.”

When you practice against a top defense it’s bound to make everyone raise their level. It also means that this offense will not only lag behind them because so much of the team is intact, but also an offense playbook is more involved than a defense, so it takes longer to master and click as a unit.
“The great thing for our football team is playing against our defense every day. It’s one of the best, if not, the best in the league. It’s fun playing against these guys and it’s going to help our offensive line get better. Not just the pass game, but the run game as well.”

See the presser here.


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