Demaryius Thomas is 100% and excited to run a new offense.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Denver Broncos Wide Receiver, Demaryius Thomas, spoke with the press after OTA’s today and a few things stood out.

An injury after their first game against Carolina had DT’s hip bothering him the whole season. DT being DT is not one to whine about his injury and kept it under wraps all of last season. A great example of how DT shows his leadership through example, rather than preaching it. Thomas is going into OTA’s feeling 100% and is ready to shine in a familiar McCoy offense.

“At first I wasn’t [in pain], but after the first game against the Carolina Panthers, that’s when I started feeling all of the pain. It came back after one hit, the first play of the game. And that’s when I felt my hip again. It just lingered. This is the best I’ve felt my entire career. That kind of helps as well. If you go out without pain, you can run routs on this side or that side. It’s basically getting equal now. There’s more joy. I’m having a lot more fun. I’m not worried about guys covering me on one side or the other. I’m enjoying it.”

Coach Joseph wants DT to be more dominant in the offense and be the guy to go to on one on one coverage. DT being one of the largest WR’s in the league, should shine in these kind of plays. As you can see by the photo, he appears to have added several extra pounds of muscle. This should make him an even tougher WR to match up against.

Kubiak’s offense was a run first O and Thomas expressed he was excited to catch a lot more balls this upcoming season, “It really didn’t matter to me. Of course, I’m a receiver, so I like to catch the ball. We used to run more with Kubiak’s offense. I’m excited about having this old offense back.”

Watching last year’s games I was frustrated a lot of times when Kubes would make calls I didn’t agree with…Throw it to DT and let him go up and get it! Not many corners can match DT’s height and size. Coach Joseph’s confidence in DT being the dominant WR is foreshadowing for a fun O to watch this year.

“Finally, somebody had to say it (laughing). I’m excited about it for him to say that I need to be the guy that he’ll come to for one-on-one coverage. I’m excited for it. I’ve been wanting that my entire career and I’m looking forward to it.”

Broncos Country were besides themselves when a few “reporters” and on-air personalities spread the misconception that Paxton Lynch left the field early, while the other QBs all stayed late and toiled. This was proven false by other media who were there and Thomas clarified it further.

He was asked how he and Paxton Lynch were working out he replied,

“It’s been good. We get better and better every day. We stay out there on the field and we work together. That’s with both quarterbacks trying to get the timing down. It’s a different one every other day, but we’re doing whatever we have to do to get that timing down. I think working after practice and staying on the field is helping a lot.”

I sum it up to “Fake News!” DT seems to be impressed with Lynch’s dedication and confidence this year. The chemistry between them is blossoming and from what I hear, a reporter who was on the field observing OTA’s thought that DT seemed to enjoy Lynch’s deep balls to him. What WR wouldn’t? They all like the big throws and catches to show their talents.

“It’s totally different. It’s something he’s more comfortable in. He’s used to being in the shotgun and seeing the defense instead of turning his back to the defense. I say that about every other quarterback that I have played with, the same with Peyton [Manning]. He was with an offense in college where he was in the shotgun all the time and he was comfortable with that, and now he’s in it now. His confidence is way better than it was last year.”

Is Lynch DT’s new Peyton? Only time will tell, but hopefully the Denver media has learned a lesson: be careful when you spread manure, it often splashes back on you.

Here’s Thomas’ presser:

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