John Elway Accepts the Mizel Institute’s Community Enrichment Award

DENVER, Colorado. In a 24 minute tribute, John Elway was honored as the 2017 Mizel Institute’s Community Enrichment Award winner. Below are a few of the qutoes. At the bottom is link to watch the ceremony in full.

On what makes him proud to be honored by the Mizel Institute
“As far as what Larry Mizel’s done for the community with the Mizel Institute and everything, I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m obviously humbled. There’s been a lot of great people that have won this award before tonight. Pat was one of them; Peter Coors and Barry Hirschfeld. The list of awardees before me is tremendous. I thank Larry so much, and I’m humbled by the award.”

On what it means to him personally to receive the same community enrichment award Pat Bowlen received
“For Colorado and how much Colorado has given me and the support it’s given me over the 34 years that I’ve been here, to be able to have the platform with the Broncos and the opportunity that they’ve given me, giving something back has always been a big part of it. To be recognized for that part tonight, but also recognized with Larry and [with] the Mizel Institute has done over the years, is great to be a part of.”
On how special it is to have the Bowlen family in attendance tonight

“I know they get pulled in a bunch of directions, but to have Annabel  and the family here is a treat and very humbling for me. The fact that for the last 34 years they’ve given me the opportunity to be able to do what I do in football and the Broncos have given me that opportunity as well as the whole Bowlen family, I’m thrilled that they’re here.”

On what aspects of Denver have changed during his time in Colorado
“It’s changed a lot. I’ll tell you one thing that hasn’t changed, which is great, is the fact the fans and the people that root for the Denver Broncos has just continued to grow. Still the following that the Broncos have never ceases to amaze me. If you look at 50 years of being sold out or close to 50 years of being sold out, it’s truly I’m blessed to be able to be a part of the Broncos organization and 34 years ago about now or a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t sure where I was going. I just know I wasn’t going to Baltimore. Fortunately I ended up here in Denver.”

On whether he expected to be in Denver for 34 years

“I didn’t know at that point in time. When Denver came on and they were in the discussions, we were thrilled with it. Edgar Kiser at the time was able to make the deal with the Colts and bring me here to Colorado and that’s why I’m so blessed. Colorado has been so great to me and my family. The opportunity that the Bowlens have provided me as a football player and now as a general manager is beyond belief. I’m very blessed to be able to be in Colorado.”

(below are questions asked by the press)

On whether Denver will continue to be his home
“This will always be my home. Not going anywhere. As a kid, I moved around quite a bit. But, Colorado and Denver will always be my home.”

On his contract negotiations
“Good, we’re continuing to work at it. I don’t see any problems with that. I look forward to being here with the Broncos for a long time”

On if he thinks his contract extension will be worked out before the start of the season
“Yeah. I don’t think there will be any doubt.”

On the quarterback competition and the team’s progress during the first three days of OTAs
“It’s over a long haul. I think that with a new offense, Paxton and Trevor have both looked tremendous the first couple days. It’s been very encouraging with the way that they’ve both looked. Obviously with the football team that we have and the strides that they’re making, we’re excited about where we are. We still have a lot of work to do. We still have eight OTAs, and minicamp to get to training camp. I’m really happy with the way that the draft class and our CFAs are working. I was talking to the weight coaches the other day, getting feedback from them. This is as good as class as we’ve had when it comes down to getting work done. That’s very encouraging and that’s a great start. We’ll continue to work at it. Vance is doing a tremendous job, the staff is doing a good job. We’re in a good spot right now, but we have to continue to keep working.

On Joseph’s first months as a head coach
“He’s been great with his relationship with his players, and how he can deal with the players. He’s been tremendous. That’s what I really liked when we talked to him in the interview process, and he’s just proven us to be right 100 percent. He’s going to continue to get better and he is. I’m so excited about where we are.”

On which quarterback is leading the competition
“There’s no lead. We’re going to keep throwing it out there, and they’re going to keep playing and we have a long time to go until we finally get to that opener in September. Vance and the staff will pick the right guy. But, they’re all going to work. We’re very fortunate in the fact that we have two young quarterbacks that can really play. So, I’m excited about that.”



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