NFL Rules Changes and how they could effect us.

2017 NFL Spring Owners Meeting

Celebrations: Players can now use a ball as a prop, celebrate in groups and go to the ground. From Rich McKay “Sportsmanship matters. Taunting won’t be allowed.” From VP of officials Al Riveron: “Automatic 15-yard penalties will continue for taunting, sexual innuendo and other prohibited celebration acts.” (This means no twerking, sorry Von).

Comment: It’s good for the players to have some fun in celebrating. Hopefully they will know exactly where the line is and if they cross it they will get flagged, but it allows them to showcase creativity and add some personality.

Overtime: Timing for the overtime period has been reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, no other changes were made.

Comment: Without conceptual changes being made to the NFL overtime rule this rule is without teeth. It could lead to more ties, but this is not a fix to what many feel is an overtime period that has equality/fairness built into it.

Roster size: The owners eliminated the cut day which cut the rosters from 90 to 75. This means 90 guys could play in week 4 of the preseason.

“I like it. I like it because that fourth game becomes a better game. That fourth game is always tough because you’re playing some valuable players, even though they’re back up players. They’re playing 55 snaps of football and playing special teams for us. So, that’s dangerous. You can lose a valuable player in that fourth game. But now, you have the entire roster—and for a young guy who’s trying to make his way as a practice squad player, he gets one more chance to actually get game reps. Not just have four or five reps, but have 20-25 reps in a game. It’s good for all parties in my opinion…Instead of being cut, you have the chance to play one more NFL football game. And someone may see you and someone spot you, and it could change your career. It helps all parties.”–Vance Joseph

Comment: This is good for the fringe players, it keeps them employed longer, it gives the coaches more time to witness them both in practice, joint practices and during the preseason games. It will however take reps away from guys that need it and could cost some veterans a roster spot as younger guys are able to show more.

IR eligibility: The owners added the ability for a team to designate a second player to return from Injured Reserve. Previously only one player could return in this manner.

Comment: This is a good rule, to be bluntly honest I’m not sure why there is a limitation in place at all. If the player is healed, and healthy enough to return then he should be allowed to do so. Some injuries are truly season ending, and some take shorter amounts of time.

GM/Roster Say Requirement: The owners passed a resolution that will allow a GM candidate to interview for a GM job where the candidate might not have final say over the 53-man roster since some franchises have it structured in various ways.

Comment: Whatever allows more people to interview for jobs is good in my opinion. Teams obviously want to keep solid employees, but for the individuals this is a good thing.

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