Day One OTA’s quotes and notes, Henderson, McManus and Siemian.

Englewood, Colorado. As expected, day one of official OTA’s brought nothing new.

Rookie wide receiver #11 Carlos Henderson, the 3rd round draft pick out of Louisiana Tech, spent his first day on the field after missing rookie camp due to his college graduation. Henderson was, “excited to get out here and work with the team and organization. Glad to be back and a part of the Broncos.”

He viewed it as an “honor” to work with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, he added, “I watch those guys at practice. They push me to go harder and harder every day. To watch those guys is great. It’s a great experience. Watching them makes me want to push harder and harder on what I have to do every day.” Henderson certainly has an outstanding pair of mentors.

Image result for carlos hendersonKnowing that the league is tough, he knows that it is, “the small things that you do that separates yourself from the rest of the greats.” He feels he’s “learning and getting better every day while working with the team and getting in the playbook.”

He says that the offense is a bit different from what he was used to (Louisiana Tech ran a hybrid spread under Skip Holtz), by saying, “It’s a pro-style offense. It’s a little different from what I ran at Louisiana Tech, but I’m in the playbook, day-in-and-day-out.” He added that he is “doing everything the right way to become the best player I can be for this team; to help this team, to help this organization and to put them in a position to win the game.”

“I’m dedicated to this team. They spent their draft pick on me, so I’m dedicated to working hard and dedicated I am to playing football. I love football. I won’t miss a workout or practice even though I’m not signed because I’m that dedicated to helping the team by making sure I do whatever I have to do…I understand why I’m not signed. I don’t handle that, but that’ll work itself out.”

Officially, Brandon McManus isn’t currently under contract with the Denver Broncos, they have given him a 2nd round tender which is set to pay him $2,746,000 if he doesn’t reach a multi-year extension by June 15th. The clock is ticking. McManus said that he “wanted to be here” at OTAs and that he is “coming to work and letting [Agent] Drew [Rosenhaus] and Elway and Mike Sullivan deal with that. He added that he “would love to be here as long as I can and be on a long-term deal here that gives me some security. I love Denver and I love the fan base here. I would love to be here for four years.”

Image result for brandon mcmanusHe mentioned that one of his goals was to being a captain this year by saying “I want the guys to see me. I’m looking forward to hopefully being maybe a captain for special teams this year.” He added that he, “never was a captain in high school or in college. As much as I was a leader on the field, I guess vocally sometimes the kicker position is difficult. I think in the NFL it’s valued a lot more than it is at the other levels.”

He said that new Special Teams Coordinator Brock Olivo has “a lot of energy—similar to what Joe-D [former Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis] had.” He added that it has “been great having him in there—a new face, different for a lot of the guys. We want to continue to perform on special teams and help the offense and defense win games.”

Broncos Quarterback Trevor Siemian is entering his third season with the team and like every member of the offensive outside of wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and tight end Virgil Green, he is learning Mike McCoy’s scheme for the first time. He said the first day, “felt good”, that it was “good to get out there and practice against the defense”, and that playing against air is “monotonous”. He views it as an opportunity and hopes to “make the most of your reps” and said that his shoulder (offseason shoulder(non-throwing) surgery) felt “great.”

Siemian said that there was “a lot of carryover, but it’s pretty different from what we were doing”. He added that it is “different all across the board: the run game, drop-backs, managing protections.”, but said “at end of the day, it’s 11 on 11.” This is very true and hopefully this scheme will capitalize on the talents of the skill position players.

Siemian spoke about how both new coaches (McCoy and Musgrave), “will tell you what (they) think”, and while both are “intelligent”, but McCoy is a little more “outspoken”, while Musgrave is “a little dry” and that he and the team are “definitely lucky to have them both.”

Embroiled in the middle of a quarterback competition Siemian feels both he and 2nd year quarterback Paxton Lynch are each being “grown-ups about it and we help each other out, and at the end of the day the best guy for the Denver Broncos is going to play, so we’re both giving it our best shot, helping each other out, and I think it’s helping us all out.” He understands that he has to take advantage of the opportunity and that if he gets “worse”, that he probably won’t be around very long. He understands that there are things he “didn’t do very well last year” and is “really excited to get better and improve especially this time of year.”

He expanded on areas in which he wishes to improve by saying “you could never be sharp enough mentally”, and that this in this scheme, “there’s a little bit more on the quarterback running protections and all that.” He wants to improve in “situational football” and added that, “As an offense, that’s one of the areas that we struggled in (last year) and took ownership of that by adding “I was playing quarterback, so a lot of that falls on me. I know I can get better there. I know we can get better there. I’m excited to see the growth for this group this year.”

Schematically he didn’t give away any trade secrets but he confirmed his preference of playing in the shotgun. He said,

“I think any quarterback will tell you they like playing in the gun. You’re five yards back, you catch the ball, and can kind of see what’s going on”, but added that “definitely benefits from being under center; the run game, play pass and all those kinds of things.”


He spoke about the offensive line having “a little edge to them” and that they were “working together really well”; he mentioned that running back C.J. Anderson has, “looked good with the things he’s been doing”, and that he wants “him to be out there every play”.

Speaking more about the scheme he stated that, “this scheme can feature the tight ends and give those guys plenty of opportunity to make plays and win on linebackers and safeties. And that A.J. Derby “has done a great job.” And is looking for “a couple of those guys step up.

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