There’s only one way to build a good offense and that’s through repetition.

A quarterback and his offense are like a squid. There’s one brain controlling the ten legs. For a squid to  ‘swim’ fast, mate and catch his prey, he needs to have all those legs working in harmony. He needs to stay in familiar waters, too.

The head needs to be so in tune with his appendages that he doesn’t need to think about controlling them. It’s snap decisions. This comes from repetitions. With the same legs. The squid can’t become one being if his legs keep changing or if his environment keeps changing.

This is why Vance Joseph can talk all he wants about a quarterback competition, but he’s hurting the whole team by dragging out making a decision. No chemistry is being built while he waffles.

It’s not just about the quarterback, but the offensive line, running backs and receivers, too. We keep hearing from the defense, especially the No Fly Zone, they’re so good because they’ve been playing together for a while. Same coaches, same scheme, same players. They have built chemistry and know what each other will do.

Denver hasn’t had that on offense since 2014 and even then, the OL was a mess. OL’s don’t get good with constant turnover. This goes for players, coaches, schemes and most of all, quarterbacks.

OL’s need continuity, know the guy beside and behind him and his tendencies, assets and flaws. Know what they do together best as a unit and worst. Find ways to accentuate the positive and cover the negative.

As far as a Center, he adjusts his stance depending on who is behind him, this is especially true with a five inch difference in QB height. Not when he’s under him, but in gun. Swapping QBs is like making him be a yo-yo. Up, down, up, down. Also can lead to a bad snap. What’s even more disconcerting is Denver spent all Spring with a different starting center, one who was a back-up guard.

As far as snaps, the quarterback needs to know he’s getting the ball a certain way, every time. In gun or under center. The two are in tune.

In case you didn’t know, the right guard, when the QB is in gun, watches the QB and he taps the C on the leg to let him know to snap the ball. It’s a subtle move, but it’s a back-up system.

Why? It allows the center to be focused on the ball. If it’s loud he doesn’t have to hear, the RG is. It helps keep false starts down and bad snaps because the C knows not to move until he’s tapped. So, the RG needs to know his QB’s tendencies in this, too. Know his little quirks, know if a shoulder twitch is to get the defense to jump or he’s just twitching. The C and RG need practice at this, too.

While Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders say it doesn’t matter to them who the quarterback is or swapping back and forth, I call bull shit. Bull Shit. Get the shovel.

The toughest throws to make in the NFL don’t just need a talented arm, it needs TIMING. Plus, ask anyone who has caught a pass, every quarterback throws differently. Different velocity, different spin, different landing.

Peyton Manning didn’t start QB mini-camps because he just wanted to hang out with the guys, he did it because of above. To have the receivers/TE/RB know him, what he likes, his speed, ball placement, etc. How to get that? Repetitions. Lots of them. Just him. Not him and his back-up.

Plus, he only had the starters. Why? Because there isn’t enough time for him to waste on guys who weren’t going to be getting the lion’s share of his passes. The receivers being on the same page as the quarterback through lots of passes, helps them become better. The more just five guys have to share time, the more they improve.

Why did he include a RB, too? Not only to get the hand off right, but they catch, as well. He wanted to make sure screens, flats and slants were timed. Also, talk about defenses, where he wanted him to focus on, know a hand sign, etc.

It’s no secret I want Paxton Lynch to kick butt and become the starter because he’s so dang talented, his ceiling is so high, it’s exciting to think about where he can go. With that said, if Mike McCoy believes Lynch needs more time practicing against the defense before becoming the starter, then so be it. Name Trevor Siemian and get that offense gelling with one guy.

If that’s the case, then Denver fans will need to hold off on talk of ‘bust’ when Lynch ends up playing due to Siemian getting hurt because any time he’s had building chemistry will be gone.

Consistency is built through repetition. By all accounts, that’s the area he is lacking in, which makes sense. Remove repetitions with the ones and his development will be stunted. When he’s tossed in after a few games, don’t look for stunning accuracy. That will be the price they’ll pay.

There’s no way to build a quarterback without time spent practicing with the starters. There’s no way to build an efficient offense without all the legs working together through repetitions. The offense is already behind with a new coach and scheme, keeping the question of starting quarterback isn’t helping anyone except the media by giving us something to write about.

Pick Lynch, roll the whole year and allow him to build his consistency through repetitions, so next season the team is heading to Atlanta. Or bench him come TC and look for mediocrity when he ends up starting, anyway.


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