Denver Broncos Nose Tackle Domata Peko gives insight on what drives him.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. After last year’s draft, I wrote a piece about our rookies being like Rugby players. That Elway drafted fast and brutal over finesse guys. I’ve been a fan of the All Blacks for years, so was thrilled when Domata Uluaifaasau Peko mentioned he and Kyle could get the DL to do the Haka. For your viewing pleasure (mostly the ladies), below is an example of the Haka. It’s actually a ritual dance used by the Maori, Samoan and other island cultures, but the All Blacks have used it as a signature of their team. Like FSU has Osceola and Renegade take the field and plant the Spear. Game day ceremonies tweaked from warrior cultures. Many New Zealand players are Maorian, so this is a perfect marriage of culture meets rugby warriors.

On to our new NT, Domata Peko. You should watch the entire interview because his enthusiasm is contagious. He said hard work is, but I say the young guys being around a 30+ dude with this much energy is what’s really catching. He’s moving from a 4-3 in Cincinnati to a 3-4 in Denver, and while there’s not much difference when you line up over the ball, he’s open to learning new techniques.

He said, “I still have the hunger, want a ring” on why he still wants to play. That the culture in Denver is to win a ring, but in Cincy, it was win a Play Off. “I love waking in the morning hitting OL, RB’s.”

He did credit having younger cousin, Kyle Peko, on the team as a reason for choosing Denver. That they will challenge each other. He credited DL coach, Bill Kollar, on being a fair, but a tough task master.

He knows there will be rotation on the line to keep bodies fresh and praised Adam Gotsis (presumed NT back-up) for looking strong and having recovered from lingering issues from his ACL surgery.

Hard work is contagious

To see more, watch below.


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