The Big Bad Wolfe is still learning how not to fight guys.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Derek Wolfe holds no punches. Trust me, watch the video because words can’t do this classic presser justice. The first part is cut off, so below are his relevant answers. I’m going to go broke buying jerseys this year because our team is stacked with personalities and talent.

On his thoughts on rookie DE DeMarcus Walker

“The guy is quick. He is fast and he moves pretty well. He’s eager to learn; a smart guy. He’s picking up the playbook really fast, so that’s always a good sign.”

On what he’s seen from DE Adam Gotsis

“He’s putting some weight on and getting stronger. He just has to mature. He’s a young kid still. He just has to mature. As time goes on, he’s starting to get it more and more.”

On the leadership role he and Domata Peko share

“With the two of us being able to team up on it, if I don’t catch it, he usually [does]. I’m more vocal than he is, if you can believe that.. He’ll come up to me and say, ‘Hey man, should we do this?’ It’s just nice to have another ear in there to bounce things off of.”

On becoming a leader over the years

“I’ve been around enough great players that I’ve seen how not to do it and how to do it. Over the years, just maturing. Every season for me is just a learning session. Every season is like a life. It’s like a life span. You learn something new every season and last season I didn’t do enough. I have to take more of a leadership role.”

On how we can speak up as a leader

“I didn’t speak up enough. When I saw things, I didn’t speak up and I didn’t say things when I should have. I’m not letting that shit slide this year. That’s what I’ve learned, how to be myself. When I see guys not doing the right thing, I’m going to tell them. I’m not going to sit back and let that shit slide. Me, it’s either confrontation fist-fight or say nothing. I’m learning how to not fight people if that makes sense.”

Broncos Country, when asked if every presser was going to be like this one, he said.

“Yes. I have a lot to say.”

Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy. All writers rub their hands in glee and PR guru, Patrick Smyth, cringes in agony. It’s going to be a fun year. Oh and if you think this team was going to lay down after last season, um, that’s a big No.

“They can talk about numbers and all that shit, but they can’t measure heart. I think this team has more heart than anybody and we’re going to prove that this year.”

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