WR Isaiah McKenzie wants to learn from the best.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Denver Broncos Rookie WR, Isaiah McKenzie gave his thoughts after his first day of practice. On his first couple of days being a Denver Bronco. Like his fellow draft picks, he’s an engaging guy and worth the time to spare a few minutes to watch his presser.

He gave his thoughts on meeting and practicing with the veterans next week. “Just learning from the older guys—the veterans like Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryius Thomas and all of those guys. I want to learn from the best and I’m here now so I’m playing with the best. Hopefully I can keep learning from them and do the best job I can do.”

On what he has to do to make the team

“I just have to come and do my best job. Play special teams, play offense and take advantage of every opportunity they give me. I’m just worried about getting on the field and doing my job the best that I can.”



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